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100 Ticketing and Box Office Software Vendors

100 Ticketing and Box Office Software Vendors

If you are looking for ticketing and box office software, you have lots of choices. Of course, we’d like you to take a look at TicketPeak, but if you’d like to consider others, please see the list below.

A few notes about this list:

1) The information is based on what each vendor presents in their website. So, the purpose of the list is to save you the effort of examining all these websites. (If you are one of the vendors and believe the information for your product is incorrect, let us know, and we’ll correct it.)

2) Most websites do not list the pricing.  For those that did, we indicate the fees under pricing. Where the vendor’s website indicated a range of prices, we took the midpoint. The pricing is “per ticket” unless otherwise indicated. (Most solutions have the ability to pass the fee to the ticket buyer. Some companies claim their software is “free” when the fee is passed to the ticket buyer.)

3) As you look for box office software, one of your primary decisions will be whether or not you need reserved seating ticketing. Therefore, we have included a column on whether or not the system handles reserved seating, and we show the solutions that offer reserved seating first.

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4) The last column is what the fee would be for a $20 ticket.  As we needed a way to sort the list, we simply used that as an example.

5) There are other systems out there. But we thought we would limit the list to 100. If there are others that you believe should be considered, please leave a comment. Also, if you are using any of the systems listed, readers would love to hear about your experience and level of satisfaction.

The List:

Here’s the list. Yes it’s long. Our suggestion is to pick two or three of the lower cost options that provide reserved seating if you need that. If you don’t need reserved seating, add a couple more from the list that  provide only general admission. (Everyone who provides reserved seating also provides general admission.) Then give each of them a call for an initial discussion around potential fit.



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