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3 Awesome Social Media Tools for Easy Event Planning

Anybody who’s ever planned an event knows that this is not an easy task. Whether it’s for 25 or 2,500 people, there are hours of time devoted to number crunching, budget tracking, vendor confirmation and other crucial event elements. While these components of event planning don’t just magically fall into place, there are a number of excellent, free online tools that can help you make your life easier, as well as those of your attendees.Today we’ve rounded up 3 social media tools for event planning that will help you save time and allow yourself to be in the moment on the day of the event. These tools cover everything from scheduling meetings to online marketing – there is truly something to be used by everyone.

Let’s get started and help you pave the way to easy event planning!

CC Image by David Reber
CC Image by David Reber


Scheduling team meetings can be a hassle and this becomes especially true if your event planning team and sub-committees are comprised of volunteers. Everyone has a lot on their plates and scheduling turns into an absolute nightmare. Well, doodle.com is here to help.

This easy-to-use scheduling tool helps you find dates and times for meetings much faster than the traditional email or phone chain. It’s as easy as choosing some meeting date and times options and sending the doodle.com email to the involved parties. Those parties select their available times and doodle.com manages that information to find the best option for the group. It’s as easy as that!

While there are premium doodle.com services, the core tool is completely free and doesn’t require any registration to use. Doodle also has the capability to automatically sync to your Outlook, Google, Exchange, LotusNotes or iCalendar, so there’s no need to be switching back and forth between them.


In previous posts we’ve discussed the invaluable resources available to online marketing, but here’s another tool to add to your arsenal. For those that weren’t already aware, live-streaming is becoming increasingly popular. From the Academy Awards to the Olympics, this new style of content delivery is reaching all corners of the globe…but it’s not just because people like this content. It’s because streaming is a great marketing tool!

CC Image by Evan Blaser
CC Image by Evan Blaser

But we wouldn’t just suggest a tool that simply live-streams; Ustream does so much more than this! It can be used to interview guest speakers and take advantage of social media conversations happening on Twitter and Facebook. Ustream offers the flexibility to run a free ad-supported account or pay for premium services (such as dedicated event support, HD broadcasting, and ad-free broadcasting). Think outside the box for live-streaming…fundraising events, guest speakers and community appearances would all be great opportunities to live-stream and expand your global audience.


This is a very useful tool to employ if your organization is hosting a conference or fundraising event. TwitterFall.com will help you show attendees the conversations that others are having about the event, and might even provide insight into how your team can improve your future events.

TwitterFall.com essentially provides a tool to help you showcase event-specific tweets, and is absolutely fantastic for projecting a Twitter backchannel during the event. While there are a few different tools that will do this for you, TwitterFall.com is our favourite because of the extensive search option parameters that it provides. Search by @mention, hashtag or the event name…or all of them at the same time! Better yet, you can set a geo-location parameter that confines the Twitter feed to those within a set area.

With many speed, animation and sorting options, TwitterFall.com provides an excellent, easy-to-use service that will only take you minutes to set up. Perhaps the best part: it’s free!

CC Image by Florian Richter
CC Image by Florian Richter

There you have it – three awesome social media tools to add to your tool box for easy event planning. Have you used any of these tools before? Tell us about it in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!



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