4 Effective Ways to Promote Music Festivals on Social Media

4 Effective Ways to Promote Music Festivals on Social Media

Festival season is officially here! The weather is warmer, the sun is shining longer, and we’re ready for some live music. If you’re promoting music events or festivals this year, we’ve listed 4 effective tactics that you can implement to help spread the word on social media.

Did you know that 32 million people go to one live music festival in the US every year? That’s a lot of marketing and a lot of tickets! When marketing music festivals, you’ll want to make sure that you’re reaching your exact target audience. To make this happen, try to get all parties of the event involved in marketing: musicians, sponsors, and even potential festival-goers. Keep reading as we dive deeper into this and suggest 4 social media marketing tips for music festivals or live music events.

1. Ask your musicians, bands, or performers to share your event details with their social media audiences

Simple but effective. To reach your target audience, ask your musicians or bands to promote their gigs at your event. Make it as easy as possible by providing links, images, and even template copy for social. This will ensure that your musicians are sharing accurate information with their audiences.

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2. Consider gifting influencers with your target audience a pair of tickets in exchange for promoting your event

Reach new and engaged social media audiences with influencers or bloggers. Consider gifting a pair of tickets to influencers or bloggers in exchange for promoting your event beforehand and during. Influencers can be a highly effective social media marketing tactic if you’re partnering with ones whose audiences are engaged and fit your audience demo. There are tools to help you with this! Click here for 15 free ones.

3. Collaborate with your event sponsors and ask them to share your event details with their social media audiences

Collaboration is key. Ask your event sponsors to share your music event on their social channels. Similar to influencer marketing, this will help you reach social audiences that are not your own to attend your event. If your event is without sponsors, consider reaching out to your event venue or ticketing company to share your event on social media.
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4. To sell out next year, leverage live streaming on Instagram and Facebook

We’re big fans of live streaming at TicketPeak. We’ve noted the importance of live streaming in this past post. And although this tip isn’t for marketing your upcoming event, it can really help with encouraging attendees and ticket sales next year. You don’t need to live stream your whole festival, just pick one or two songs and go live on Instagram or Facebook. This will show your audience what they’re missing and what fun they could join in on next year.

Happy festival-ing! If you ever want to learn more about our features, click here. In case you didn’t know, we’re an online ticketing software system for frequent event producers. Our system is low-cost and easy to use. Intrigued? Request a demo here.

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