Free Scorecard Reveals…

5 Easy Ways to Boost Event Revenue

(See How Much Money You’re Leaving on the Table and How to Get It Back)

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In this free scorecard, you’ll discover…

  • How to price your events to drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction
  • Simple email strategies to boost event attendance from your existing customers
  • How to make margin on service fees while reducing the cost to to your customers
  • Two easy ways to increase recurring revenue
  • EXTRAS you can offer that will thrill your customers and drive revenue

If you’re looking to boost revenue at your events…

You have to stop selling regular, old tickets.

And start going beyond tickets to make your patrons happy.

Easier said than done but…

When you give your patrons more of what they want, including reserved seating, subscriptions, and merchandise sales, they are HAPPY to spend more.

And with the 5 Easy Ways to Boost Event Revenue ebook, you’ll discover how to increase your revenue up to 40% without spending a dime on marketing.

TicketPeak’s clients have used the tips in this ebook to double their event revenue in one year.

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