5 Questions to Ask to Get the Right Ticket Solution

Ticket SolutionIn any performance event, you face several questions. A critical one is how you will do ticketing. There are several ways to handle the ticketing of your event. For example, you can have a ticket broker sell all your tickets and handle customer inquiries. Or you could use an online ticketing application such as TicketPeak. Or, you could even just do all ticketing manually.What methods you choose will depend on the scope of the event and future events, and the audience itself. However, knowing these five questions will make sure the solution you pick is the right one.

1. Who will support the ticket buyers?

When your customers need help, do you want them calling you, or calling the ticketing company.  Some companies, like TicketPeak provide you with the ticketing software solution and provide support of the ticket solution, but you provide support to the ticket buyers.  Other companies, like Ticketmaster or Brown Paper Tickets, handle the calls from ticket buyers.

2. Is this a one-time event or ongoing?

This secret is about thinking long term. If you’re running events on a weekly or monthly basis then, getting a ticket solution like Vendini or TicketPeak where you can re-use much of the set up work is wise. It is best if set-up items like the text of the email that gets sent with the tickets, the layout of the tickets, the seating plan can be done once and leveraged for all events. If you are doing a one-time event, then a system like Eventbrite may be better.

3. What about the tickets themselves?

It is easy to get swept up into other matters and forget about the tickets. There are things you have to consider. Tickets can be printed out o

r done entirely online. The answer to this is related to the event itself. Consider the look of the tickets. Even online tickets have a digital representation. So think of any coloring or logos to use. Making them standout can be a marketing tool and improve the overall customer experience.

4. How will you get the ticket money?

Think about how you want funds are collected when the event starts selling tickets.  Depending on the ticket solution you use the w

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ay money is collected can differ. Some ticket solutions collect the payment for you, then pay you when the event is complete.  Some interface to credit card gateways such as PayPal or Authorize.net so you have the money immediately.  Consider fees involved and what methods of payment the ticket solution vendor can take. By knowing how you need to get paid you can narrow down whom you’d want to use.

5. How will you get customer feedback?

Hearing from the customers is important. It’s an easy point to miss when selecting a ticket solution. The secret here is knowing you have a very valuable information source. Some vendors collect feedback from customers; after the event has ended and this can prove useful. By being able to ask questions about the customer’s experience you can modify your ticketing system as needed.

These five questions are the details you may overlook while planning the event itself. Also it is tempting just to hire an outside ticket solution without much thought. By researching the right vendor beforehand you can find a company that fits your needs and can grow your business as well.



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