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5 Reasons to Use Reserved Seating at Your Event

5 Reasons to Use Reserved Seating at Your Event

When it comes to selling tickets online, there are two seating options. The first is to sell general admission tickets. This means that people will choose their seat upon arrival at your event. The second is to sell reserved seating tickets. This means that people will choose the location of their seat during the purchase process. At TicketPeak, we give you the option to offer both for your events: general admission or reserved seating. Our advice? Go for reserved seating! If the movie theaters are offering it, you should too. Below are 5 reasons why reserved seating is the better option when it comes to selling tickets online.

1. Increase your revenue

Front row and center? The better the seat, the higher price you can sell your ticket for! With reserved seating, you can generate more revenue with tiered ticket pricing by marking up your best seats in the house. When you use TicketPeak, seat pricing is flexible. This means you can give any seat any price you want. Check out this previous blog post for tips on how to price your seats.

2. Fill your seats fast

How many times have you gone to purchase tickets only to find that the best seats are already taken? When you offer reserved seating at your event, people will feel the urge to buy now. In addition to this, we also offer ticket subscriptions and flex passes. This means you can keep people coming back for the best seats in the house, event after event.

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3. Optimize your event space

Ah, the dreaded empty single seat. We’ve all been there, done it, or experienced it. The problem with empty seats is that they are extremely hard to sell! Reserved seating can help eliminate this problem by preventing people from leaving open seats when purchasing their ticket. Reserved seating can help you optimize filling up your event space. And your single seats? A thing of the past!

4.  Encourage group bookings

Offering reserved seating encourages people to invite their friends and family along with them to the event. Why? Because with reserved seating, people know they are guaranteed to sit and enjoy your event or performance in the company of the people they care about.

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5. Happier attendees

With reserved seating, people will know exactly where they’ll be sitting. This eliminates stress and creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Plus, assigned seating helps reduce waits at the front door. It’s possible that people will be so happy with their reserved seats that they’ll even leave a donation during purchase!  TicketPeak offers a donations option with official donation receipts at checkout.

Does your performing arts organization or dinner theatre ticketing service have assigned seating software? If not, tell us why. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

These 5 Reasons to Use Reserved Seating at Your Event and more are why we suggest to always opt for reserved seating at your event. Check out our website or request a demo to learn more about TicketPeak!

Do you also prefer reserved seating over general admission? Let us know in the comments below.


This post was updated on February 11, 2019 and originally published on September 9, 2014.



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