5 Tips for Promoting High School Events

5 Tips for Promoting High School Events

End-of-year school events are approaching and you’re organizing a special one that needs promoting. Well, you’ve landed on the right page! In this post, you’ll find 5 tips to promote high school events and shows strategically and effectively.It is common to provide tickets for theatre shows and productions, but there are other events that can be ticketed too. Some are graduations, sporting events, carnivals, dance programs, alumni events, and extra credit events. Whether you’re organizing the spring production of Hairspray or the this year’s alumni reunion, there are a number of things you should consider when it comes to promoting these events to help boost your admissions numbers.Keeping reading for our 5 tips to promote high school events.

1. Leverage social media to get the word out leading up to the event

Leading up to your high school event or show, the best thing to do is leverage social media to get the word out! Use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share posts on your school’s channels. Consider asking the people involved in your event to share about it on their social channels, too. As well, remember to promote your event in school communications such as e-mail newsletters or school dashboards. Check out our post here for tips on creating a hashtag to reach wider audiences.

2. Don’t forget about traditional marketing tactics

Fliers, anyone? Just because we live in the world of digital, doesn’t mean you should ignore your traditional marketing tactics. Consider creating and posting fliers around the school campus in obvious spots or where they are guaranteed to be noticed. Some spots could be bathroom stalls, gym locker rooms, parking lots, gymnasiums, and of course, on student lockers.

3. Opt for user-friendly registration software to make event registration easy and simple

Look for a method (or software) to register parents, volunteers, and students for your high school events that are user-friendly. Consider TicketPeak, with our registration feature, you’ll be able to keep registration streamlined for you, and simple for your guests.

4. If you’re a teacher, offer extra credit for students attending the event

If you’re a teacher or school administration that oversees extra credit, consider offering this for attendance to school events. This could be used specifically for events that have artistic or historical meaning such as musical theatre plays. Our registration feature could also be utilized for extra credit sign-ups for this specific initiative.

5. Encourage volunteerism to get more students involved in events

Encourage students to volunteer or participate in events to form a strong student body bond and community. This could also work in connection with our point above. If students offer to volunteer they could receive extra credit. Some other incentives for getting students to sign up to volunteer could be things like resume building, letter of recommendation, attend future events for free or make up for a low-performing assignment.
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