5 Tips for Sustainable Event Planning

5 Tips for Sustainable Event Planning

It’s Earth Month and we’re thinking about the planet. Actually, we should always be thinking about the planet and the ways that we can decrease our carbon footprint! But this month our earth is top of our mind and we’re providing some sustainable event planning tips. Events — especially large-scale ones — can result in an immense amount of waste and significant consumption of resources such as electricity or water. As a frequent event producer or planner, it is important to be mindful of this impact and when possible, try to increase sustainability efforts at your events.Keep reading for 5 ways that you can make your next event more planet-friendly.

1. Say no to single-use plastic! Encourage reusable bottles and say no to plastic straws

Humans buy approximately 1 million plastic bottles per minute and only about 23% these bottles are recycled in the US. This statistic alone should encourage you to say no to plastic at your upcoming events! The theme of earth month this year is plastic pollution, so our first tip is simple: say no to single-use plastic. Single-use plastic is perhaps one of the worst polluters affecting the planet. Plastic is a huge polluter because it does not biodegrade and often ends up in landfills and our oceans. A more sustainable options is opt  biodegradable cups and straws. Go for these at your next event!

Want to find out the positive impact on your budget for switching from plastic water bottles? Check out this calculator.

2. Go paperless and reuse as many materials as possible

Seeing as we’re an online ticketing software company, we couldn’t not include a paperless tip! A very simple way to do this is to ensure that your tickets are digital. We offer low-cost ticketing options and you can request a demo or learn more about us here. Beyond tickets, try to scale back on other paper materials such as flyers or promotions cards. Consider offering these tactics in a follow-up email or sharing them on your social media platforms in an effort to be more green.

3. Work with local food and beverage companies

When it comes to providing food and drink at your event, choose catering that uses locally grown, organic, and fair trade products. Also, consider offering vegetarian and vegan options. Feel free to open up the discussion about plastic with your food or drink vendors too, and see if they can help with your effort in keeping plastic to a minimum. Also, if you have left over food at your event, consider calling a zero-waste company to pick it up and donate it to those in need!
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4. Choose venues that are committed to clean energy

When selecting an event venue, look for ones that are committed to renewable or low-energy efforts. With renewable energy companies such as Bullfrog Power and smart thermostats such as Nest, it is possible to host events at clean energy venues. It may take a bit more research, but in the end you’ll be helping to conserve energy while helping our planet!

5. Consider adding sustainability initiatives to your event program

Lastly, consider adding a sustainability initiative to your event. Even if your industry or event topic doesn’t have to do with environmentalism or sustainability, we feel there’s always a place for this in today’s changing climate. A simple initiative would be to encourage recycling to your attendees by making an announcement before and after the event. A more advanced initiative would be to encourage a green action or perhaps partner with a green company and offer a discount or product your attendees can test or try out. Any sustainable initiative is a step in the right direction in helping our earth!

What efforts are you making to ensure your events can be greener and more conscious of the environment? Let us know in the comments below.

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