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Our mission is to empower performing arts organizations by delivering not just the world’s best ticketing system, but also a suite of exceptional tools to manage class registrations, audition scheduling, subscriptions and flex passes. We believe that easy and efficient ticketing is just the beginning. You deserve tools that streamline all areas of patron and performer interactions.

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Performing Arts People

Made by performing arts people for performing arts people

Created by musical theatre managers, our platform was designed to cater specifically to the intricate requirements of performing arts organizations, all at a fair price point. Our journey began by collaborating closely with numerous musical theatres, listening to their needs, and relentlessly refining our system. Today, TicketPeak proudly serves a diverse clientele, including hundreds of community theatres, schools, colleges, performing arts venues, and dinner theatres. 

Why we do what we do 

We’re driven by a simple but profound belief: ticketing software should never dominate your budget. Whether you’re paying for it or your patrons are through service fees, saving money on ticketing frees up money for venues, musicians, tech crew, choreographers, sound, lighting, sets, licensing. You know – elements that make your show unforgettable! 

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Our thriving community

When you choose TicketPeak, you’re not merely selecting a ticketing system; you’re becoming an integral part of a vibrant community of dedicated performing arts enthusiasts. Our community is united by a shared passion for the performing arts, and our mission is to empower you so you can concentrate on perfecting every other aspect of your productions. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience with TicketPeak. 

Our Ticketing Community

“TicketPeak is easy to use and has increased its functions over the past two years. They have great customer service and have been great to work with.”

Clint S.  – USD 460 Schools

“TicketPeak’s support is exceptional! When we have a new need, they either show us how to use their system in a new way, or acommodate their system to meet our needs.”


Lesa B.  – The ACT

“We’ve used TicketPeak for several years and love all the functionality. I love that we can print off reports and track payments.”

Allen Civic Ballet

Jessica F.  – Allen Civic Ballet

Louis Lamoureux

About the Founder 

TicketPeak emerged from Louis Lamoureux’s passion for both the performing arts and software. Back in 2008, as a board member of several performing arts organizations, he saw a common challenge emerge:  the need for a robust and cost-effective ticketing system tailored to the requirements of performing arts.  

Louis tasked his software development team with creating a specialized ticketing system for performing arts. Clients rapidly signed on. Today, a cutting-edge version of TicketPeak is in use, enabling performing arts organizations to process over half a million tickets and class registrations annually. 

Beyond his role at TicketPeak, Louis helps companies harness the power of software. He is also the author of “Doing Digital Right”, a book about leveraging software and of “Granville Street”, a novel set against the backdrop of the opioid epidemic, soon to be adapted into a musical. One of his favorite hobbies is spending time with TicketPeak clients and enjoying their shows!

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