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TicketPeak is a low-cost event ticketing service for frequent event producers looking to automate and simplify the ticket buying process for them and their patrons. TicketPeak is a cloud-based service that can handle multiple functions for event ticketing, audition management, class & workshop registrations while also being able to incorporate promotions, season passes and subscriptions.

Ticketing software made by event producers for event producers

TicketPeak was founded in 2008 to provide a low-cost, fully functional event ticketing system. We worked with a number of venues to design exactly what they needed and spent years adjusting and improving the system. We continue to evolve the system, which now serves hundreds of community theatres, schools, colleges, performing arts venues, night clubs, dinner theatres, sports teams, and a wide range of event producers and promoters.

We may have started off small, but we have grown and evolved with our client base to suit their needs and requirements. We evolved the TicketPeak software system through client requests.

That’s why we added the class and workshop registration functionality a few years ago. Several of our clients were saying “we love the system for ticketing, but we also offer one-week workshops. Can you help us automate that?” Now many of our clients use the class registration function. They’ve reported because of the ease of registering, registrations have increased significantly.

We are proud of our role in helping our clients grow their organizations. The TicketPeak e-ticketing software has enabled many event producers to grow and thrive.

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