An Offer to Event Producers Who Use Eventbrite

An Offer to Event Producers Who Use Eventbrite

In a recent post, we examined the cost difference between Eventbrite and TicketPeak’s event ticketing system. To summarize that post, if you’re selling $20 tickets, Eventbrite charges $2.29, while TicketPeak charges $1.05, or $1.24 less. For every thousand tickets, you’d save $1,240.

Another post compared the functionality of TicketPeak and Eventbrite.

TicketPeak is designed for organizations that put on events frequently. If you sell more than 2,000 tickets per year, you might want to consider TicketPeak. Request a demo. If we and you conclude that TicketPeak is a good fit for you, we’ll offer an additional incentive: 50% of the first event or first thousand tickets (whichever comes first).

The offer is limited to organizations which:

  • Put on several events per year
  • Sell more than 2,000 tickets per year
  • Are currently using Eventbrite or used them in the recent past
  • Are based in USA or Canada.

Give us a call at 888-551-5101 or request a demo to find out more.

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