Are You Embarrassed by Your Box Office Ticketing Software?

Your box office ticketing software system is the face of your organization to your customers.  Next to the quality of the events themselves, there are a few aspects of your organization that have a greater impact on the overall customer experience and your reputation than your ticketing system.Unfortunately, as we speak to organizations looking to replace their existing ticketing system, we have seen common themes on issues with their existing system.  Since any issues with your box office ticketing software are highly visible by your customers, they can cause a major embarrassment to you.Here are some of the embarrassments we have heard from community theaters, schools, or performing arts organizations.  If you have experience with any of these, it may be time to replace your box office ticketing software.Ticketing Mistakes

There is little worse than ticketing mistakes.  E.g. the same ticket being sold twice, the ticket not being sent by email when it should be, the wrong price being charged, or the ticket not being printed clearly.  There is no reason for these kinds of mistakes to occur.  They paint a bad picture of the organization producing the event.

Unattractive Tickets

Some box office ticketing systems produce fairly plain looking or even unattractive tickets.  The ticket is very important in Bassett are of your organization.  Your customers will tend to look at their tickets many times before attending the event. Each time they look at it, is an opportunity to reinforce your brand.  If the ticket is unattractive, each time your customer looks at it, it is pretty training a not so great image of your organization.

Slow Transactions, Long Lines at the Box Office

Some box office ticketing software systems simply take too long to process a ticket order at the box office.  Perhaps there are too many screens that the box office staff member needs to go through, or perhaps the system requires too much information in order to simply sell and print a ticket.  Whatever the reason, we have seen box office staff at their wits end because long lines are forming and is taking too long to sell the each ticket.

Even 10 seconds extra for each ticket, when you are selling 100 tickets translates to 1,000 seconds or 16 minutes of additional wait time.  Every second matters.

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Unreasonable Service Fees

Some box office ticketing vendors charge overly high fees to the ticket buyers.  Again, this reflects on you.  A charge of $1 +2% is common.  For a $20 ticket, that is $1.40 or 7% of the ticket value – a fairly high tax.

If you have suffered embarrassment from any of these items or similar items with your box office ticketing software, and are now looking for a new system, feel free to download our report: 5 Steps to Selecting Online Ticketing Software.



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