Automation Drives Registrations for Musical Theater Workshops

Automation Drives Registrations for Musical Theater Workshops

TicketPeak recently introduced Class or Workshop registration functionality. If you are a musical theater organization that offers classes or workshops, chances are you are doing much of it manually. Well now you can use Automation for Musical Theater Workshops. But that is not the point of this post.

Automating Class Registration Drives More Volume

The point of the post is that ticket automation drives higher volume. Who knew?! We have several musical theater clients who put on one-week summer workshops or camps as one of their programs. A couple of months ago, they started using the TicketPeak Class Registration software function. Every one of them has seen their registrations soar. On average they are up over last year by over 35%!

We started wondering why this was happening. Sure, online registration is more convenient for the registrant and for the musical theater organization. But why would it drive more registrations?

When we spoke to our clients, they had this explanation: Say a parent discovers your workshop one evening and thinks she wants to register her 10-year old son. In the old way, she would make note of the phone number to call the next day, or perhaps download the registration form. The next day, if she remembered, she would call, or mail in the registration to the musical theater organization. She may forget, or as with most people, a thousand other things come up, and she may never get around to it.

With the new way, the moment the parent thinks about registering, she can register – immediately. So the musical theater or performing arts organization does not risk losing that registrant. So the reason these organizations are seeing such a high spike in registrations is that they are not losing people who are forced to wait to register.

Real Money

This is real money. One of our clients charges $300 for their workshops. They have 40 more registrants than last year. That is $12,000 that can be incurred by using Automation for Musical Theater Workshops!



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