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Box Office Software for Dummies: 3 Questions to Get Your Search Started

Box Office Software for Dummies: 3 Questions to Get Your Search Started

A quick scroll through the TicketPeak blog homepage reveals a number of articles about selecting an event ticketing system for your theatre, organization or high school. There’s a number of them because this is a “tricky business” topic! Contrary to popular belief, event ticketing services are not all created equal and there is no “one size fits all” option.I can’t stress enough how incredibly important it is that you take a serious look at how your community theatre or high school box office currently operates, how you would like it to operate, and how you can make those adjustments. However, sometimes it’s difficult to identify which (if any) adjustments need to be made. You can make a step in the right direction towards making those adjustments by asking yourself 3 seemingly simple questions.…are you ready for this?


1. What types of features and services does your current box office software offer?

For some this might be a given, but for others maybe not. I strongly urge you to begin your search away from the search engine and instead, focus on conducting a survey of what your current box office ticketing software offers your organization.

After you’re clear about what it offers you, assess if there are any features that you’re not currently using. If you find that you’re not using the box office software to its fullest capabilities, a switch may be in order. Likewise, a change may also be in order if you’re using all of your software’s features and services and it’s still not doing the trick.And check popular weekly ads:
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2. What types of features and services are necessary in order to provide your patrons with an exceptional experience?

It’s also important to consider the needs of your patrons during the initial assessment phase of your software review. Have you received any feedback that indicates a need for change in the way you currently run your box office? Perhaps you’re receiving more requests for online ticket purchasing capabilities or an easier way to select and reserve seats? Maybe your patrons want to be able to make a donation to your organization when they purchase tickets?

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Any feedback of this nature is worth considering. After all, your patrons are a key user of your box office software (especially if you offer online ticket purchasing) – shouldn’t they have at least a little say?

3. How much can you afford financially to allot towards changing your box office software?

Please. Take a serious look at your bottom line and assess whether or not you can afford to change your box office software. It never hurts to shop around, because price-wise there might in fact be a better deal out there waiting for your community theatre but always keep that bottom number in mind. Do not be swayed by your ‘wants’ list. If it doesn’t fit within your budget, drop it. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t save your bank account.

Hopefully this helps set the wheels in motion during the initial stages of your box office search. As I mentioned above, it’s important to consider your ‘needs’ versus ‘wants’ and your budget. Make sure that your company’s ‘needs’ are satisfied before you start to venture into checking off items on the ‘wants’ list.



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