Brown Paper Tickets Pricing

Brown Paper Tickets Pricing

When we speak to prospective new clients, they are sometimes comparing TicketPeak pricing and terms to a company by the name of “Brown Paper Tickets”. Here is a summary of Brown Paper Tickets pricing and terms versus TicketPeak. The information is based on Brown Paper Tickets’ website.We compare at ticketing system cost, credit card cost, service fee flexibility and payment terms.

Ticketing Cost

For comparison, we will use TicketPeak’s pricing for non-profit organizations because that is who typically compares TicketPeak to Brown Paper Tickets. TicketPeak’s prices for non-profit organizations are $0.50 per ticket plus 1.5% of the ticket value. Brown Paper Tickets’ prices are $0.99 plus 5.0%.

For example, ticketing fees on a $30 ticket would be $0.95 with TicketPeak. With Brown Paper Tickets, they would be $2.49. So you save $1.54 per ticket with TicketPeak.

Say you sell 2,000 tickets for the run of your event. TicketPeak fees would be $3,080 less.

If, on the other hand, your event is free, Brown Paper Tickets may work for you because they do not charge for free events, whereas TicketPeak does.

Credit Card Costs

Both companies offer the ability to use your own payment provider like PayPal or The full cost difference above applies if you’re using one of those or others. However, both companies also offer their own integrated payment system.

TicketPeak fees for processing payments are $0.29 + 2.9%. Brown Paper tickets does not charge additional for processing payments. So, if you are using the ticketing company’s integrated payment processing, the ticketing and credit card fees together for a $30 ticket will be $2.11 with TicketPeak, and $2.49 with Brown Paper Tickets. TicketPeak still costs less.

In the scenario above (2,000 tickets at $30 each), the cost would be $760 less with TicketPeak. For most non-profit organizations, that’s a lot of money that could be spent on other things.

Payment of Your Money

TicketPeak sends you your money twice a month. So, if you start selling tickets two months prior to your event, you’ll receive four payments before your event. Brown Paper Tickets only sends you your money ten days after the event.

In our experience, the performers, stage crew, lighting designers, musicians, and most everyone else, want to be paid soon after the event ends, not ten days later. Making those payments can be challenging without your ticket revenue proceeds.

Fees You Charge Your Customers

Brown Paper Tickets states that there is no cost to you to sell tickets or collect payments. Attendees pay it. So your fees are automatically passed to your customers.

With TicketPeak, you control what service fees you charge your customers. You can pass the entire fee to your customers like you would with Brown Paper Tickets; you can pass a portion of the fee; none of it; or even more than the fee. You make the decision, not the ticketing company.


TicketPeak’s e-ticketing software is a lower cost ticket solution than Brown Paper Tickets, unless your events are free. With TicketPeak, you get your money sooner, and you have more flexibility in what service fees you pass to your customers.



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