Client Profile: Menomonie Theater Guild

Client Profile: Menomonie Theater Guild

In our client profile series, we share the stories behind the people and organizations that use TicketPeak‘s E-ticketing software system. This week, we spoke with Meg Burkett, executive director of Menomonie Theater Guild. She shares the history of Menomonie Theater and her strong connection to the performing arts.

1. What is Menomonie Theater Guild all about?

MTG is a community theater. Our primary mission is to bring arts to the community. Our secondary mission is to provide a consistent support avenue for the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, a historic site here in Menomonie, WI. We produce plays for community enjoyment and bring the community together to support the arts.

2. When and how was Menomonie Theater Guild started?

MTG was founded in 1958. In that year, the City of Menomonie was exploring the possibility of demolishing the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts. The community rallied together and formed the Menomonie Theater Guild to support the building and provide it with consistent use and income. The organization saved the building and it is now known as one of the most beautiful small theaters in the country.

3. How has Menomonie Theater Guild grown or evolved?

The Guild has grown from one or two small productions a year to at least four full-scale productions each season. We have a volunteer base of a couple of hundred people, and we sell nearly 5,000 tickets every year.

4. How does TicketPeak help in your success?

Approximately 80% of our ticket sales are online purchases made by individual users. TicketPeak is an affordable, easy to use tool that allows that option for us. It’s great to have something that works well and provides that convenience for our patrons.

5. What inspires you about the performing arts?

Personally, I have been a part of community theater since I was a child. There is no greater thrill than when you are standing in front of your audience, taking a bow at curtain call, and they are roaring in applause, giving a standing ovation for your performance. As an organization, it is amazing how much work goes into just one production, and after the curtain falls on the final performance, it’s gone within a couple of hours. Nothing left except the memories. But you leave each production having grown as an actor, and knowing that your audience left with a new experience as well.

6. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the TicketPeak community?

Thanks for doing what you do, and being so responsive when I have questions or concerns!


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