Community Theatre Reserved Seating Ticketing Solutions

Reserved seating ticketing is the process of event sales whereby an individual orders tickets that are for a specific location in the venue. A lot of smaller community events rely on general admissions and a first-come, first-served approach to ticket sales and seating. However most venues have now recognized they are able to generate greater revenues if they use a reserved seating ticketing process since attendees are usually willing to pay a premium price for guaranteed better seating. With some broadly available solutions, this process is now possible even for community theaters and similar venues.Ticketing SolutionsIf you are a smaller community venue, choosing a reserved seating ticketing system may seem like a daunting task but there are many solutions available that you should consider.

Sales and Efficiency

One of the most difficult problems facing small community theaters is the limited amount of resources available to manage ticket sales, seating and related operational processes. An avenue that should be considered is online sales, offered with the previously mentioned solutions. Since reserved seating ticketing is software driven, most solution have created web portal solutions for attendees to be able to buy and print tickets at home. While some theaters have considered this unnecessary, you should consider it as a part of your investment in a system of this nature. By selling tickets online, you create easy ‘calls to action’ that will likely cause patrons to buy tickets (especially more expensive tickets in a reserved seating ticketing system). Additionally, by allowing buyers to print at home, you reduce your overhead cost from mailing costs and potential resources needed to monitor a ‘Will Call’ window for ticket delivery prior to performances. Both of which will increase sales, reduce costs and ultimately create operational efficiency.

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In summary, there are many reserved seating ticketing solutions available for small venues to consider. While you are considering all these possibilities it is wise to consider which aspects  are most important and necessary for your organization. Some aspects to consider, do you need just box office ticketing software, are online sales valuable to your theater, is customer management important, are you a non-profit that can benefit from reduced ticket fees.



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