Craft the Perfect Confirmation Email

Craft the Perfect Confirmation Email

You’ve sold a ticket – fantastic! The hardest part is over. Your next steps are to ensure the quality of your guest’s experience. The easiest way to start off on a positive note is with a confirmation email (sometimes called a post-purchase email). This email is one of the most positive reasons to sell your tickets ahead of time, rather than only at the door (here are a few other reasons why we recommend selling in advance). The perfect correspondence can be a little tricky to craft. Think of what information you want to know before attending a performance and use this as a base. If you are using E-tickets, it’s natural to include the ticket attachment in this email, so all of the information is in one place (check out the benefits of E-tickets here). Try to stay one step ahead of your guests and answer their questions before they know what to ask.


As simple as it sounds – right after a purchase is made, send the guest a receipt. Include the total price paid, what items were purchased, how much each item cost, identify any additional fees (processing fees should be noted), and how the guest paid (if they used a card, note the last four digits). Make sure you also explain your refund policies here. Some theatres don’t offer refunds, some only offer exchanges. Whatever your policy may be, make sure you’re clear about it to the buyer. Protect yourself and the guest with this information, so everyone knows exactly what was exchanged during the transaction.

Reiterate Important Information

You probably told the guest, before they purchased, about details like age requirements or dress code, but it never hurts to restate this information. Assume the guest will look back on their confirmation, closer to the date of the event. Provide gentle reminders about important details – when and where should they check in? What exactly is included in their ticket? Will they be turned away if they aren’t dressed appropriately? Who should they contact to make a note about accessibility? This helps your guest level their expectations prior to arrival.

Helpful Tips

This is the perfect place to really lead your guest. These extra details elevate the experience from good to great. Help your audience find parking (Validated? Valet? Free? Street? Garage?). Providing this information ahead of time eases stress for the guest and saves you the hassle of answering phone calls about this very topic. Another nice thing to include is a list of dining suggestions near the venue. You have an opportunity to assist the guest in planning their evening.

You can also form partnerships with local businesses nearby – see if they’ll provide a discount for theatre patrons or let you pass out coupons with the tickets. Finally, make sure to include any additional experiences the guest can consider ahead of time. If there’s an opportunity to stay after the show for a Q&A, make a note. If guests can purchase merchandise before they arrive, let them know. It’s better to over-inform than under-inform when it comes to event planning.

End your confirmation email with information on who to contact if they have further questions or concerns. This can be your house manager, audience services manager, or even box office, but make sure your guests know they can still reach you if they have other questions. Include an email and a phone number – make sure both are frequently checked.

Feel free to personalize your confirmation – just make sure you get all of the important information across! You’ll save yourself stress and countless phone calls, but more importantly, you’ll gain your patrons’ trust by elevating their experience.

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