Eventbrite Essentials vs. TicketPeak. Consider the Restrictions

Eventbrite Essentials vs. TicketPeak. Consider the Restrictions

Since the ticketing cost of Eventbrite Professional is high ($1.59 + 3.5% of the ticket value), Eventbrite offers Eventbrite Essentials, with ticketing fees of $0.79 + 2%.Eventbrite Essentials is closer in price to TicketPeak’s e-ticketing software, which charges $0.75 + 1.5% (with discounts for non-profits.) Read on for a ticketing software comparison.

Reserved Seating

The first restriction to note is that Eventbrite Essentials does not support reserved seating. General Admission only. Whenever you have the option to offer reserved seating, it’s good to do so. Attendees are happier and revenues are higher. This post discusses in more detail why reserved seating is better. TicketPeak supports Reserved Seating events.

But, if your event is General Admission, there is more to consider.

Price Types

Even if your event is General Admission, you may want multiple price types. For example, you might have Regular, Senior, and Child. You cannot do that with Eventbrite Essentials.

With TicketPeak, you can have any number of ticket price types.

Recurring Events

TicketPeak was designed from the beginning for frequent event producers. You might have five shows a week, for example. With TicketPeak, you can have multiple dates and times of an event. You simply add the additional dates and times. With Eventbrite Essentials, you must set up a new event.

Customizable Checkout Forms

You use the standard forms that Eventbrite Essentials provides. With TicketPeak, you can ask whatever question you want on the checkout forms. You can create your own questions. You can also provide a dropdown of answers if you wish.

Live Support

With Eventbrite Essentials, you cannot speak or email with a support representative. TicketPeak provides phone and email support.

One-Time Small Events

If you are having a one-time, small event, Eventbrite may be an option. TicketPeak tends to not take on clients that sell fewer than 2,000 tickets per year.


Consider the restrictions of Eventbrite Essentials. If you produce events frequently, would like to have phone or email support, or need any of the above functionality, TicketPeak may be a good solution. We hope you enjoyed this ticketing software comparison.



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