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Eventbrite for Non-Profits?

Eventbrite for Non-Profits?

Are you a not-for-profit organization that frequently puts on events? Are you looking for an online ticketing system tailored to your needs? This post compares TicketPeak and Eventbrite pricing for non-profit organizations. TicketPeak starts with much lower pricing than Eventbrite. Then, TicketPeak’s e-ticketing software provides further discounts for non-profit organizations. Eventbrite does not provide discounts for non-profit organizations

Eventbrite Pricing Comparison for Non-Profits

TicketPeak’s fees for 501 (c) organizations are the following:
  $ Per Ticket % Per Ticket
Ticketing Cost $0.50 1.5%
Credit Card Cost $0.29 2.9%
Total $0.79 4.4%
Eventbrite’s fees are shown below.
  $ Per Ticket % Per Ticket
Ticketing Cost $1.59 3.5%
Credit Card Cost $0.00 2.5%
Total $1.59 6.0%
The Eventbrite fees shown above are for their Professional offering, which is the closest to TicketPeak in that it offers reserved seating, support, and multiple ticket price levels. Eventbrite does offer Eventbrite Essentials, which is lower cost, but is still higher than TicketPeak. For a more complete review of Essentials versus Professional, read An Eventbrite Alternative: TicketPeak Event Ticketing Software.

Ticketing Cost Comparison Example

Let’s say you’re selling $25 tickets and you’re using your own payment processing, like PayPal or Autorize.net, so the credit card fees do not apply. The table below shows the ticketing fee comparison.
Eventbrite TicketPeak Savings with TicketPeak
$2.47 $0.88 $1.59
TicketPeak is about one-third the cost of Eventbrite. If you sell 1,000 tickets in this scenario, you’ll have $1,590 to use for other things, rather than giving it to a ticketing company.

Ticketing Plus Payment Processing Example

Keeping the $25 ticket example, let’s say you wish to use the ticketing company’s integrated credit card processing capability. The full per-ticket cost comparison, then, is the following:
Eventbrite TicketPeak Savings with TicketPeak
$3.09 $1.89 $1.20
The savings from using TicketPeak over Eventbrite are still significant – $1.20 per ticket.

Don’t Be Fooled by Passing the Service Fees to Customers

Passing the service fee to ticket buyers is a common practice. That doesn’t make the fee go away though. Both Eventbrite and TicketPeak allow you to pass the fees to your customers. However, TicketPeak provides more flexibility. You can charge whatever service fee you want. For example, in the scenario above, you could still charge a service fee of $3.09, and use the margin of $1.20 per ticket for other things.


Unless your non-profit mission is to give money to ticketing companies, TicketPeak’s box office ticketing software is the better option.


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