Setting Up My Account

Introduction “Refer and Save” is a program that makes it easy for you to refer TicketPeak to others, help them save money and save money yourself. If you refer someone…

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Improving Your Events

Introduction Many of our clients are musical theater, performing arts companies or other organizations that produce shows. For these clients, Auditions are a big part of your operations.  You can…

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Classes and Auditions

Classes and Auditions

For your customers, TicketPeak is mobile friendly. We realize your customers want to buy tickets from their phones. Therefore, we have redesigned the ticket buying pages so that they look…

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Ticket Redemption

Classes and Auditions Event Management

Many TicketPeak clients use a ticket printer rather than plain paper for the tickets.  Examples of ticket printer vendors are Boca and DataMax. Connecting to Your Computer Your printer vendor…

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Ticket Printing and Customization