Find Event Ticket Software You Can Be Proud Of

Event Ticket Software - ProudIf you are an organization that puts on events on a regular basis, the event ticket software you use is your face to your customers.  The experience that customers have with it and the image it portrays must be something that you can be proud of.This post explores attributes of event ticketing software that will make you proud.AttractiveThe first aspect of getting event ticket software that you can be proud of is attractiveness. That means that from a ticket buyer’s perspective, the screens are well-designed, beautiful and easy-to-use.  Consumers’ expectations of service and design have increased dramatically in the last five years.  They expect websites to be not only functional but beautiful to look at as well

In addition, the tickets themselves should be attractive.  Your ticket buyers will look at their tickets many times before attending your event.  Each time they do, the optics of the ticket are a reflection on you.

Clean, Smooth User Interface

In addition to the screens and the tickets being attractive, the event ticket software must have a clean and easy to use interface.  Ticket buyers should not have to think about what button to press next in order to proceed with their ticket purchase.  The screen layout should be completely intuitive, and customers should be able to purchase a ticket in as few steps as possible.

Reasonable Fees

It is embarrassing to ask ticket buyers to pay hefty service fees.  The event ticket software could be well-designed, attractive and easy to use, but if the ticket buyer has to pay service fees of over 2 or 3%, they will get frustrated.  When evaluating alternative event ticket software options, there is no need to select a vendor that has high fees.  Low service fees are something you can be proud of

No Goofiness

“No goofiness” sounds goofy, here’s what I mean: As we speak with event producers and ask why they are looking to replace their existing event ticketing software, we often find that they are unhappy with certain aspects of their existing ticketing solution – aspects that do not really make sense.

For example, a community theater we spoke with was using ticketing software which forced the ticket buyer to choose a charity to which to donate part of the service fees.  Not only was this an extra step the ticket buyer had to go through before getting their tickets, but not all ticket buyers may feel like paying an additional service fee to support a particular charity.

Another client was pricing their tickets at $9.99.  When we asked why not just price them at $10, they said the reason was that their event ticket software vendor charged a higher fee for tickets over $10.  So they and their customers had to deal with an odd ticket price.


The event ticket software must be fast.  That means that people should be able to buy tickets in as few steps as possible.  Speed is even more important at the box office.  If you are selling, say 200 tickets at the door on the day of the event, then being able to process a transaction in say 3 screens versus 4 may save you 5 seconds per transaction.  5×200 is 1000 seconds or 16 minutes.  You would not want to delay the start of the event by 16 minutes because of your event ticket software!

For example, TicketPeak can process a box office transaction in three clicks:

  1. Click the desired seat
  2. Click “Take Cash”
  3. Click “Process Tickets”


There are hundreds of event ticket software alternatives available.  Selecting one is a decision that will likely last a long time.  Getting a system with these attributes will make you proud for a long time.

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