Flex Passes – Transcript

Hi there. This is Jannah at TicketPeak, and today I’m going to show you and teach you all about the Flex Pass feature that we have at TicketPeak. So here are a few different Flex Passes that have been created on our testing account, but for me to really walk through what each kind of Flex Pass is, I’m going to go ahead and get started creating one.

So you just hit that button there that was there before. Create new subscription and we can just do a test pass for these purposes. We can go ahead and select all or deselect all. We can just choose a couple right here just for testing purposes. You could give a price type similar to how you would do a subscription, but this is a Flex Pass.

So here’s where we get into a little bit of the definitions of each. So a Flex Pass type, we have A, B, and C. So A, like it says, is one ticket to each eligible event. So just one singular ticket. Then next is B, one ticket to a maximum of however many eligible events you could do. So you could do three of the eligible events. So you could buy one ticket to each one of these events in that Flex Pass. Then C is a great option. So you could do two tickets using any combination of the eligible events. This one is a great option. Say you had a parent who wanted to go, their child was in this James and the Giant Peach Show, and they wanted to get a ticket to each one. So they would have their custom Flex Pass. They could go ahead and do that. Or if there’s someone that wanted to go to James and the Giant Peach and Grease, they could do that. A Flex Pass seat gives you a lot of flexibility there.

So those are the different definitions for each Flex Pass. Our clients love this feature. They use them a lot. Similar to a subscription, you can apply promotions or service fees if you would like. So I’m going to go ahead and create that and then you’ll see Test Pass is located right here and it has seven events. So just a few different subscription Flex Pass definitions. Credited from canceled shows is a great option and this is the description field.

Yeah, those are a couple of the things to know about the Flex Pass feature here at TicketPeak. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at us via our helpline. You can find it right here, 888-551-5101 and you can also use this contact TicketPeak support profile as well. Thanks.