Help Videos

Check out these tutorials to see how TicketPeak can work for you.

TicketPeak Training Session

Ready to get started setting up your events with TicketPeak? Use this training video to learn the basics of our software, and start selling tickets today!

Price Type Changes for Reserved Seating

Learn how to edit pricing for reserved seating events on TicketPeak using this short video tutorial.

Service Fees

Want to incorporate service fees onto your existing events ? Check out this short video that explains how to setup service fees on your TicketPeak account.

How to Sell Tickets Through the Box Office

Have members of your organization that want to help sell tickets to your events? Show them this video on Sell Tickets through the Box Office.

How to Refund Tickets

Learn how to refund tickets for your events using TicketPeak

How to Exchange Tickets

Here is the easy way to exchange tickets on TicketPeak.

How to Create an Event

Ready to setup your first event using TicketPeak? Use this quick tutorial to setup your event, and start selling tickets today!

Flex Passes

TicketPeak offers three different options for flex passes and this video walks you through the differences as well as how to create them.


Want to give your audiences the ability to have subscriptions? This video will walk through how to create subscriptions on TicketPeak.

How to Purchase Tickets on TicketPeak

This video shows how a consumer would purchase tickets to one of your events using your public TicketPeak link.

Seating Plan Basics

Need the ability to have reserved seating at your event? This video walks through the steps on how to create a Seating Plan on TicketPeak.

User types

TicketPeak offers 4 different user types available for clients to use. Learn the definitions and how to create new ones in this video.

Promo Codes

Learn how to create and apply promotional codes to your events on TicketPeak.

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