Help Your Venue Harness the Powerful Tool of Cross Selling

Did you know that you might be over-looking a prime area of marketing real estate…and that it’s sitting right under your nose? We have two words for you: confirmation emails. That’s right – one of the best places to promote up- and cross-selling is found right there in emails that you’re already sending!

CC Image by Maria Elena
CC Image by Maria Elena


Why Confirmation Emails?

Here are just a few reasons why confirmation emails are a great place for marketing:

  • According to Clickz, 74% of confirmations emails are open and read within an hour of receipt.
  • Often the email recipient is still in a highly receptive state to your organization because confirmation emails are usually sent within minutes of the original transaction occurring. You are still at the forefront of their mind!
  • According to Bain and Company, repeat customers spend (on average) 67% more than new customers – this means that your repeat customers are much easier (and cheaper) to sell to!
  • According to Constant Contact, email marketing has a return investment (ROI) of $36 dollars per $1 dollar spent.
  • The 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census also showed that on average, companies were attributing 23% of total sales to the email marketing channel, compared to 18% in 2013 – so it’s effectiveness is actually increasing!

So there are the answers to “Why?”…but what about “How?” We’ll start you off with a few best practices and then leave you with four great ideas  to Help Your Venue Harness the Powerful Tool of Cross Selling

Email Marketing Best Practices

  • Include a strong call-to-action. Think bold and bright!
  • The call-to-action should be front and center. Even though the reader is likely still very receptive to your organization and email content, you can’t count on the customer scrolling to the bottom of the email. Try to include the call-to-action as close as possible to the confirmation information.
  • It should also make sense! Whatever event you are promoting, make sure that it’s relevant to the customer’s previous purchase. This will help to ensure that your offer is as appealing as possible.

4 Super Ways to Boost Your Cross-Selling Efforts

1) Include a Coupon Code for a Future Purchase

Coupon codes really sweeten the deal for customers…especially the ones who have already purchased tickets to one of your events. According to Business Wire, 83% of consumers made unplanned purchases because of a promotion code…so why not take advantage of this! Consider including a coupon code for one of your other upcoming events.

Note: Make sure to have a system in place that will help your organization track which promotional codes are generating the most interest!

2) Offer Your Fans a New Experience

Consider offering an additional add-on for your event’s tickets – perhaps it’s a backstage pass, or an exclusive meet and greet with your fabulous performers. These types of experiences help your fans and patrons to connect with your organization and increase the likelihood that they’ll return for another event on your calendar.

3) Encourage Customers to Join Your Loyalty Program or Purchase Season Tickets

Try including an offer for either a concession loyalty program or a subscription for season tickets. This will give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your organization and help turn a one-time customer into a fan for life.

4) Promote Your Upcoming Events

Last but certainly not least, you should absolutely be promoting your organization’s upcoming season! Capitalize on the receptiveness of your reader and make them aware of what’s up next. Hopefully, with a little luck and a strong call-to-action, you will sell even more tickets.

CC Image by Enrique Burgos
CC Image by Enrique Burgos

Hopefully these tips, tricks and best practices have got the wheels turning for how to Help Your Venue Harness the Powerful Tool of Cross Selling in confirmation emails!

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