How to Create an Event – Transcript

Hey, there. this is Jannah with TicketPeak, and today we’re going to learn how to create an event. So let’s get started. So you’re going to log into your account on TicketPeak, and then you’re going to select, “Add new event,” in your events dashboard. And then from here, you’re going to fill in the information. So the title, the event name, as well as the description, and then you can choose whether you want it to be a regular event, a class or audition. We want it to be a regular event. You can choose your venue and you can create multiple venues in the setup. And then from here, you’re going to choose the date and you can select your time, and if you know you’re having multiple events or multiple shows of the same event, you would be able to easily add them in right there, and they’ll default to the time that you chose for the first one.

And then for a general admission event, you would simply choose the number available and go ahead and put a photo with it and price type. So, for example, student, adult, child, senior, anything like that. But today, we’re going to be learning about reserve seating event. So I’m going to choose 100 for that. And then I’m going to quickly select a photo, and then I’m going to choose my main seating plan. And this is how your seating plan would show up on the events page. And then from here, a little more information about the tickets themselves. I’m going to choose the same photo that I chose, and then here, you can choose any extra text that you would like to see on tickets. So for example, “Thank you for your support.” If you wanted to add an additional checkout question, you could do that. And here is where you would choose any closing of sales that you would like to have.

So, for example, if you wanted the sale of the tickets online for the public to end an hour before the show, you would simply select that right here. Then also to, if you wanted to, automatically open sales at a specific date, so we could do tomorrow at 5:00 PM. You could easily do that right there, and you also have the capability to make it a private event, in which case you could input a password right there. So also in your setup, you would be able to add promotions and service fees. And after those are already set up in the setup portion of your training, then you would be able to go ahead and input those promotions. So, for example, we’re going to put this one, and then you can choose how many tickets you would like to be sold under this promotion. We’ll choose 10. And then you can also choose the start and the end of those promotions.

And then lastly, you can choose service fees. So we’ll put a credit card fee on here, and service fees are a great way for you to be able to deduct the cost of the ticketing software with TicketPeak as well as your credit card processor. So, from here, what you’ll do is you’ll hit, “Save,” and then it would show up right here. So we’re going to see what it would look like from the box office perspective. So you have three dates here, and this is how it would look. So you would be able to select, input the information and choose your method of checking out. And then lastly, you would make sure that your event is public. So it’s hidden right now, and you would choose, “Public,” and then you would go to your customized URL, refresh the page, and there is the spring musical. And then from here, this is what the tickets would be able to… You wouldn’t be able to buy them yet because I had that timer on there. So they would start selling tomorrow. But that is how you create an event on TicketPeak. Hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks so much.