How to Exchange Tickets – Transcript

Hi there, this is Jannah from TicketPeak, and today we’re going to be learning about how to exchange a ticket for one date to another date. So let’s get started. So I’ve just purchased a ticket in my test account so now I will go to customers and I can just do from today, or you could also search the name, but you’ll see the ticket that I purchased right here, and I used box office cash to do so. So I’m going to hit the transaction date, and then I’m going to click right here on exchange. And then you’re going to hit proceed, and then I’m going to choose a different date for the spring musical. So this was the date that I purchased, I’m going to choose this date.

So I’m going to go ahead and choose my seat. And I used a student ticket, I purchased a student ticket, so I’m going to purchase another one or exchange for another ticket. And then you’ll see that this is the ticket that we had just chosen and then this is the ticket that we are exchanging for, see the old date versus the new date. And then you’ll go ahead and select checkout. And this is the new ticket that would be emailed to the consumer. And then you’ll see on here that we just selected, it’s marked as sold now, and the old ticket is automatically released as soon as this exchange is completed. So it was D4 right here on the 14th, and now that one is open and available to be sold. So that’s this video on how to exchange tickets on TicketPeak.