How to Purchase Tickets on TicketPeak – Transcript

Hi there. This is Jannah at TicketPeak, and today I am going to show you how a consumer would buy tickets to an event for your organization through TicketPeak.

So each organization at TicketPeak has their own specific URL. And using that URL, you can pass that off to your customers via our communication feature via your social media platform, however you would like. So for example, my test account is That’s the name of my testing account URL.

So for them to buy tickets, first it would go to the events page, and from there how they would buy a ticket. We’re going to click this example. And I put a limit there so you can see an event has a limit of 10 tickets per person. And I just did free tickets as an example for this demonstration. And I’m going to input my information. You can customize different features in your setup, but for this example, this is just what the customer would see.

So we’re going to go ahead and check out. And if you wanted to, we also have a feature if I wanted to change it to my daughter’s name and her ticket would have that name, we can absolutely do that. So we would press checkout, and then we can view our order. And the order is also emailed to the customer as well. And that email would look like this. So it would have two different tickets with a barcode on them. And you can also customize to a QR code if you would like to, and that would be from the setup in the dashboard feature. And so you can see it’s a general admission and it has my name and my daughter’s name and with the information. And that is how you purchase a ticket as a consumer on TicketPeak.