How to Speed Up the Check In Process

An age old adage written by Ben Franklin states that,”Time is Money.” This is an absolute truth in the entertainment industry. One of the greatest ways to deliver a positive experience is to deliver it swiftly and efficiently. With that said, here are three effective ways to speed up the check in process for your events.

Send reminders

Reminding your patrons about the upcoming show is one of the simplest ways to make sure that the check in process goes smoothly. When people are reminded, they can arrive well before the event making the check in process less rushed for all. 

You can also use social media as a method of reminding the public about your event. Try posting behind the scenes photos or the main logo for the show on your organization’s website or social media profiles. This is a great opportunity to also educate more people about your show in addition to reminding those that have already purchased tickets.


Using the communication tool on TicketPeak, you can not only remind consumers about the event, but also give detailed instructions on what to expect when they arrive. You could use the opportunity to provide instructions on parking, reminding them to have a screen shot of their ticket prior to arrival, where to check in at the venue, and anything else that could be helpful to use as a reminder. 

Teaching people what to expect can save yourself a ton of headache in the future. It also delivers a better customer service  experience for your patrons. This way they will want to come to more events in the future!

Use our check in app!

Here at TicketPeak, we have our own mobile check in app for the use of box office members. To use the app you simply check into your TicketPeak account, click the event that you would like to check patrons into and scan away! Having multiple people be able to check patrons in at one time can speed up the process tremendously. 

Having multiple people ready to usher in patrons is another way to make the night of the event run much more smooth.

In conclusion, to answer the question how to speed up the check in process, you must first look at the way your check in process works as of today. From there, you can evaluate what areas of the process need improvement. Additionally, you can Schedule a Demo with TicketPeak today to see how we can make your ticketing process quick, efficient, and certainly a positive experience.

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