Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Existing Ticketing System?


As an event organizer, orchestrating seamless experiences is your forte. However, one aspect that can sour even the most well-planned events is a clunky ticketing system. If your current ticketing platform is leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed, it might be time to consider a change. Let’s explore the common pain points event organizers face and determine if it’s time to say goodbye to your existing ticketing system.

1. Exorbitant Fees

Balancing attendee satisfaction and revenue goals is essential, but when your ticketing system comes with steep fees that deter potential attendees, it’s a red flag. Ticketing fees that exceed 10% of the ticket value are exorbitant. These excessive charges can also eat into your event’s profits or frustrate your patrons if you’re passing them on. If you feel your current ticketing system is costing more than it’s worth, try exploring alternative platforms with more reasonable pricing structures. For more information on this topic, check out Our Guide to Service Fee Pricing. 

2. Limited Service Fee Control

Events come in all shapes and sizes, and so do your attendees’ preferences. If your ticketing system restricts your ability to set your own service fees, it can hinder your revenue strategy and lead to frustration. The flexibility to adjust fees based on your event’s unique needs is vital. Opt for platforms that empower you to take control of service fees, ensuring you’re aligned with your audience’s expectations.

3. Poor User Experience

Imagine potential attendees excitedly navigating to your ticketing page, only to be met with a convoluted user interface, confusing navigation, and a generally frustrating experience. A subpar user journey can drive potential attendees away, impacting your event’s success. Embrace ticketing systems that prioritize user experience, making the ticket purchasing process intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable.

4. Too Many Systems

Many performing arts organizations offer not just events, but classes as well as auditions and require different registration functions. If your current ticketing system does not offer these registrations, then you need to use multiple systems – incurring multiple costs, multiple training sessions and multiple support numbers for you.

Transitioning to a ticketing platform designed to handle several types of tickets or registrations can alleviate this pain point and create a smoother experience for both organizers and attendees.

5. Lack of Mobile Check-In App

In an era dominated by smartphones, a lack of a mobile check-in app can be a significant setback. Attendees appreciate the speed of being checked in with current technology. A performing arts organization trying to check in patrons manually and taking forever is just embarrassing.

The success of your event hinges on efficient processes, delightful experiences, reasonable costs and seamless interactions. If your current ticketing system is causing frustrations in any of the areas above, don’t settle. It may be time for a breakup. Embrace the opportunity to transition to a ticketing system that aligns with your goals, enhances attendee satisfaction, and empowers you to create exceptional events. Remember, a top-notch ticketing experience sets the stage for an unforgettable event, and making the switch could be the key to unlocking a world of success and attendee happiness.

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