Marketing Tips for Person Events

Marketing Tips for Getting Back to In-Person Events

After attending virtual events for over a year now, people are starting to miss face-to-face gatherings. A survey by event organizing company Messe Frankfurt revealed that 67 percent of customers want to attend in-person events again. Only three percent of the respondents wanted virtual events, while the rest expressed their desire for a hybrid option.

This comes as no surprise as in-person events let you interact with others and witness products or services in real life. However, the transition back to these events can be challenging, even post-pandemic. To ensure that your event will be both successful and safe, here are some marketing tips for in-person events that you can follow:


Implement a digital campaign for the event

Even if you’re planning an in-person event, you should still launch your campaign on digital platforms. EventMB’s survey in 2019 pointed out that almost three-quarters of event planners consider social media as the best tool in campaigning for events. The effectiveness of digital campaigns may even increase this year since more individuals are now utilizing social media. To build up audience engagement and interest, you can maximize social media and communication platforms in your campaign by sharing relevant content regarding your event. These platforms can even be used to highlight safety measures and guidelines. To illustrate, you can promote your adherence to social distancing protocols by letting your attendees choose their own seats. This will help them feel safer about the event, plus it can also help you organize the whole affair.


Get help from marketing professionals

To fully optimize your marketing campaign, you will need to consult with digital marketing professionals who specialize in different areas of business. These experts are becoming one of the most in-demand professionals, since more consumers are shifting to online platforms. According to LinkedIn, there are around 860,000 job openings for digital marketers worldwide. And due to this growing demand, this has changed how marketing is taught in business courses at all levels of higher education. Master’s degrees in business administration are putting more focus on marketing and digital media. These programs impart much-coveted skills in analytics, SEO, and digital communications, allowing modern business people to produce effective marketing campaigns. This only goes to show how prominent digital marketing has become in the business industry, including the event planning niche. Overall, working with competent marketing professionals can help you adjust to this shift and finetune your digital campaign to reach relevant audiences.


Arrange hybrid event options

Though many individuals prefer in-person events, you can expect an even greater turnout by arranging a hybrid event. Aventri’s survey on event organizers emphasized that it’s still important to incorporate virtual elements in post-pandemic events. For instance, you should still offer access to the livestreaming of your event. This flexibility is essential, since working environments have shifted during the pandemic. Before and during the event, ensure that you are able to provide audience services to both your in-person and livestream viewers. Make it a point to offer great customer service and inclusivity options like closed captions for the livestream’s or even swag bags for all attendees. Going the extra mile for remote and in-person attendees alike ensures that your event will garner positive feedback.


Going back to in-person events can be intimidating, especially after such a long stretch of exclusively virtual gatherings. By keeping up to date with recent trends and changes in event planning, your event is sure to be a success. Plus, with the right marketing techniques, you can boost turnout and host a stellar business gathering.


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Specially written for TicketPeak by Louise Gill



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