Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value: Increasing Ticket Sales

Welcome back to the second installment of Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value series. Our previous post introduced the concept of maximizing event value and outlined the different ways in which your organization could go about achieving a more valuable event.Today we will be discussing the first component in our event value framework: ticket volume and increasing your ticket sales!


The ticket volume component can be broken down further into two approaches: existing customers and new customers.


Let’s take a closer look!

How Do I Encourage Existing Customers?

Communication is most definitely the key here. Luckily, it should be easy to reach out to your existing customers because you have their contact info stored in a customer database (if you don’t, you should).

TicketPeak helps you communicate with your existing customers through email. You have the flexibility to contact customers by event; this means that you can send a Thank You note and satisfaction survey to audience members that attended last night’s event or you can contact everyone that has attended an event in the last season to let them know about upcoming shows. These email communications help you to connect with your existing customers and encourage ticket sales.

CC Image by 10ch
CC Image by 10ch

How Do I Find New Customers?

What organization doesn’t love new customers! But the real question is how to attract them. Your best bet is to encourage and help your existing customers spread the word of their own awesome experience at your event, and what better way to do this than through the use of social media?

TicketPeak helps your customers connect directly with social media. At the end of their purchasing journey they will have the ability to click on a selection of social media icons that will help them post about the attendance to your event directly to their social media profile. They will have the option to post the suggesting draft, or edit it to their liking. This helps your customers spread the word about your upcoming events and (hopefully) increase your total ticket sales!

Best Practice Tip: Measuring Effectiveness

We really can’t stress this point enough. Your organization should be regularly monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing budget and efforts. But how do you measure your ROI (return on investment)? Here are a few options:

  • CC Image by seocamberley
    CC Image by seocamberley

    Google Analytics. This tool is particularly useful if you’re using a website or blog to gain visibility. Monitoring the statistics and page views on your site will help you gain valuable insight into the popularity of your content. Furthermore, this insight will help you tailor future efforts and content to capitalize on this information.

  • A “How did you hear about us?” Survey. It’s a great idea to ask your customers how they heard about your event. This is best done at the end of the purchasing journey.

TicketPeak can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by allowing the inclusion of an optional survey at the end of the purchasing journey. Your organization has the choice to either use the stock survey or customize it to your liking.

Click on the document below to access your free, fully downloadable whitepaper, which covers the complete Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value series, as well as ways in which TicketPeak can help your organization optimize your results.

Maximize Your Event Value With TicketPeak

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