Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value: Optimizing Reputation Impact Through Event Quality

Welcome back to the seventh installment of the Maximizing Your Community Theater’s Event Value series. Here’s what we’ve discussed so far:

Today we’ll be discussing the significance of reputation impact on your community theater’s long-term success, as well as a few easy mistakes to avoid when aiming to achieve superb event quality.

Event Value = Ticket Volume x Ticket Price + Other Revenue - Event Cost + Reputation Impact

Let’s take a closer look!


The Influence of Event Quality on Reputation Impact

It’s important to remember that reputation impact is the main driver of your community theater’s long-term success, because it influences the likelihood of your patrons returning, the staff that choose to work for you, the performers that choose to perform for you and your community’s willingness to provide donations. Not surprisingly, each event that your community theater produces will have either a positive or negative impact on the reputation of your organization. Therefore, ensuring that your community theater produces the highest quality show possible is essential.And check popular weekly ads:
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CC Image by David Joyce
CC Image by David Joyce

But how does your community theater achieve this task? Be realistic while aiming for the top.

3 Easy Mistakes Made Along the Way to Achieving Superb Event Quality (and How to Avoid Them)

1)   Including too many people in your production. This applies to both community theaters and high school theaters – too many people can be completely disastrous and create major problems in your quest to achieve superb event quality. Audition your cast (ideally in multiple rounds) and be very selective with who you involve in both the cast and the stage crew.

CC Image by Tomasz Stasiuk
CC Image by Tomasz Stasiuk

2)   Choosing too ambitious a production. This mistake goes hand-in-hand with the previous problem mentioned. It is vital that you and your production team take a serious think about the performers you have available to you and select a play or musical accordingly. Similarly, consider carefully if your organization has a limited set and costume budget. You never want your organization to be in a position where you’re stretching past the limits of financial and common sense.

3)   Concentrating on elaborate sets and costumes without also focusing on strong acting and performance skills. Even the most elaborate sets and costumes won’t disguise a lack of basic performance skills. Considerable time should be devoted to character development and honing acting skills. This becomes even more imperative when working with student performers.

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