New Service Fee Type - Transcript

Hey, it’s Louis from TicketPeak. We have introduced two new types of service fees and I want to show them to you here. So if I go to general settings and click service fees and click add new service fee, the types are here. So the new types are flat rate plus percentage. Previously, we were restricted to either a flat rate or a percentage, or you could do both, but they would be separate service fees. Now you can combine those in one service fee.

So if you want to do whatever, $1 plus 3% or something like that, you can do that. The other one we have is a percentage of the total per ticket. So what this is, this is typically used for tax situations. This is a percentage of the ticket price plus the service fees. So if your ticket is $50 and there’s a $5 service fee, the percentage will be calculated on the total of $55. So people typically use this for tax situations. So if I show you a shopping cart that includes all of these, obviously you typically wouldn’t have all of these, but here it is. I’ve got something worth $10. Just so we can see the math. I have a flat amount of 10 cents. I have a percent of 10%, which is on that. I have an amount plus percent of 50 cents plus 10%, and then the tax is calculated on the total of all of these coming up to 76 cents. Thank you very much.