New TicketPeak Feature: Audition Management

New TicketPeak Feature: Audition Management

TicketPeak grew out of love for musical theater. At our core, we are musical theater folk. It may come as no surprise then, that one of our newest features was built to assist with audition management for musical theater companies, high school and college drama clubs, performing arts venues, and anyone else in the business of making a musical.Directing Les Mis? Footloose? Hairspray? Tired of scheduling auditions with endless excel documents or Google spreadsheets? We’ve been there and we’re doing something about it with our new audition management feature. Below are a few reasons why this new TicketPeak event management and ticketing software feature will help you find your next Kevin Bacon or Jean Valjean.

Red theatre seats

Flexible date and time options

If you’re auditioning for a large-cast play it is likely you’ll have your auditions spread over multiple dates and times. With our audition software feature, you can list as many dates and times as you need! When auditioners go to sign-up or register, they can choose from any of your listed dates. This will help to eliminate confusion about which date an auditioner is to attend. It will also help you prepare for your auditioners ahead of time.
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Ask the right questions ahead of time

Need to know skills about your auditioners that are specific to the play or production you’re putting on? Maybe you require them to speak a second language or hit that high soprano note. When you use our audition feature, you can ask as many of these detailed questions as you need to ensure your auditioners are fit for your production.

Reporting made easy

When you log into your TicketPeak dashboard you’ll be able to immediately keep track of all of your current audition dates and times. Plus with our reporting option, you’ll be completely up-to-date with all of the auditioners who have signed up for your auditions. Instead of taking auditioner information upon arrival, our reporting makes it easy for you to know who’s showing up and eliminates time collecting information or other details manually.

Creating an online audition link can be completed in three simple steps. If you’re not sure how to get started, you can create a TicketPeak account for free here first. Then learn about our exciting class registration software feature here. The creation is identical except for one key thing: be sure to select ‘audition’ instead of ‘class’!

Beyond musical theatre

Although we built our audition management feature with musical theaters and performing arts venues in mind, it’s flexible and could easily be used for other forms of registration! The entertainment industry poses many other options such as model castings or reality TV castings. It could also be used in the hospitality industry by restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs that are auditioning bands or musical performers for special events.

Whether you’re casting for your next community theater performance or looking for the perfect Friday night band for your restaurant, we’re all about helping you plan your events more efficiently! Click here to request a demo or visit our website for more information.



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