New TicketPeak Feature: Class Registration

New TicketPeak Feature: Class Registration

TicketPeak is more than just an online ticketing system. One of our latest software features allows you to create class registration pages. This feature is designed with musical theaters, schools, colleges, universities, and performing arts venues in mind.Maybe you run a community theater and offer summer programs. Many of our clients offer one-week workshops, for example. TicketPeak’s class registration software feature helps you stay on top of your attendance and class payments. Maybe you administer weekend workshops for a local school or community college, or maybe you’re a coach offering 1-day classes or seminars, our class registration feature will help with that.Using our class registration feature will make it easier for people register for your classes or workshops. Some of our TicketPeak clients have told us that the ease of our class registration feature has increased and even driven higher registrations. Why is it so easy? Instead of having people download forms and possibly forgetting to send them in, our class registration feature allows people to fill out all required details and pay immediately upon registering online.

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Intrigued? Here’s how to set-up a class registration link on TicketPeak in 3 simple steps:

1. Log into your TicketPeak account

Log into your TicketPeak account. If you don’t have one yet, follow this link for free sign up. It’s fast and easy, we promise. Plus, if you have any questions, our customer support team is always here to help.

2. Select Add New and Class

Once logged into your TicketPeak account, you will be in your dashboard. Select the Add New button and proceed to selecting your event type. Be sure to select Class as your event type.

3. Create your class

Now the fun part. Create your class! Add your class name, instructor and prerequisites if you have any. Add your start and end date and time. Select your venue and input your class size. You can add as many questions on the registration form that you may need. This is where you ask all necessary details for the class or workshop you’re offering. For example, you may want to ask if the registrant has ever taken a class or workshop with you, or how the registrant heard about the class or workshop that you’re offering. You can also add any promotions and if needed, service fees.
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With our new class feature, you can collect registrations and payments for your classes, workshops or sessions fast! You’ll also get access to detailed reports of all of your registrations. With all the details in one place, these reports will help keep your class or workshop streamlined and organized. Let TicketPeak worry about the details, while you focus on leading, teaching or coaching your best class yet!

Ultimately, our class registration feature is for anyone looking to organize after-school or summer school programs, workshops or classes in a simple and efficient way. For more TicketPeak online event management software features including subscriptions and flex-passes and audition management, click here.

At TicketPeak, we’re all about making your class registrations easy! Click here to request a demo or visit our website for more.

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