No Free Lunch and No Free Ticketing Systems

No Free Lunch and No Free Ticketing Systems

For event organizers, there are a number of aspects to pull together for an event to be a success. One is deciding which ticketing system to use. Event organizers looking to save money may decide to do a Google search for “Free Ticketing Systems“.We did that search and also searched for “Free Ticketing Software” and decided to report back the results.We found eight event ticketing companies who purchase Google ads for the search terms “Free Ticketing Systems” or “Free Ticketing Software”. Interestingly, when you click each of these sites, you find out that they are not free, or they are free only under certain conditions.We researched each of their sites to find out their respective pricing structures. Here are the results:

  • Four of the companies did not list their price on the site
  • $1.50 per ticket or $3.50 including support
  • “Around” $1/ticket
  • $150/month
  • $0.99 per ticket plus + 2.5% of the ticket value (free for free events)

We tried several more search terms, and could not find any free ticketing systems. This is not surprising. Why should a company provide ticketing for free? Perhaps in the future, business models will emerge in which the ticketing software provider can cover their costs and make a profit in some way other than charging the venue or the ticket buyers. For now though, that is not the case.

It is also not surprising that ticketing companies would purchase Google ads for the search term “Free Ticketing Systems”. People and organizations looking for ticketing software are bound to look for free versions.

What does this mean to you? If you are putting on free events, there are indeed event ticketing systems that are free.  However, if you are selling tickets to your events, save yourself the time and energy involved in a wild goose chase for free ticketing systems. There are none. Instead look for a low-cost system that meets your needs.

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