Online Ticketing Systems: Do You Really Need Vendini?

Online Ticketing Systems: Do You Really Need Vendini?

On the hunt for an incredible online ticketing system that offers your performing arts organization all of the features that you need at a price that you can afford? Look no further – we’re here to help!

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Image via Matt Smith

This is our third instalment in a review of online ticketing systems. So far we’ve taken a look at Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Vendini’s all-in-one solution, as well as a few key points to ponder when considering this particular ticketing system.


Online Ticketing System Cost

Vendini does not post pricing on their website; however, we did a little digging and have found some numbers for you:

$0.85 processing fee + 3.5% of the ticket price

We also found an article stating that, in addition to ongoing transactional and processing fess, users will also be charged a one-time setup fee. Of course, any of the additional accessories that Vendini offers (such as the wireless and wired access controls, thermal ticket printer, and credit card swipes) cost extra. The newly designed wireless access control that works in tandem with the iPod Touch will reportedly set your organization back approximately $499.

Online Ticketing System Features

With a comprehensive box office ticketing system and mobile box office tool, as well as an extremely thorough patron management, marketing, social media networking and sales page, and analytical report system – Vendini is like a classic Cadillac. But the big question is: do you need that?

CC Image by Mark Wheadon
Image via Mark Wheadon

Does your organization need a patron management or full email and direct mail marketing system? If so, then this ticketing system is a very solid option that should definitely be considered. But if you don’t need this, than why should you pay for a feature that you don’t need, and may not even use? There are many lower-cost alternatives that will offer similar box-office and ticket sales features without the extras.

Overall Ease of Use

Vendini’s mission is to “simplify the business of live events. Promote events, track patrons, take donations, and sell more tickets!” Throughout the explanation of their system features and options, they highlight the ease of their system and state repeatedly that you don’t need to be a technological genius to operate their software. It appears that this is the choice for you if your organization is looking for an easy-to-use comprehensive box office and patron management system.

(That being said, it’s unlikely that a company would tell you that their software is challenging to learn and operate.)

Complete Customer Experience

We invite you to take a peak at the customer reviews over on Capterra.

Of course, we think that you should also consider our own ticketing system,TicketPeak. Call us biased, but we truly believe that our system holds it own against our competitors and offers feature-rich software at a very reasonable and cost-effective price-point.



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