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Online Ticketing Systems: Does Brown Paper Tickets Have What It Takes?

Online Ticketing Systems: Does Brown Paper Tickets Have What It Takes?

As we previously mentioned, choosing an online ticketing platform can be a difficult task. Finding the right fit for your community or high school theater means knowing exactly what you need (and don’t need), and finding this within your target price-range. It’s also especially important to look at the needs of your customers, and find a solution that will help them purchase more tickets to your fabulous events.

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Up next in our online ticketing system series is Brown Paper Tickets. This company has a history spanning over a decade and originally came into being as a response to the exorbitant processing and service fees charged by Ticketmaster. Actually, in an interview with Seattle Business Mag Brown Paper Ticketing CEO, Steve Butcher, mentioned that the 2009 merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation helped to shape and mold BPT into the company that it is today – a company focused on providing a ticketing option with lower processing fees.


Online Ticketing System Cost

Brown Paper Tickets is 100% free to use for the event producer – there are no set-up fees, no sales fees and no long-term contracts. But don’t be fooled, there are still costs associated with this system…they’re simply passed on to your customers. This is a personal choice for each individual organization; sometimes organizations are okay with passing along service and processing fees to the customer, and sometimes they aren’t. Brown Paper Tickets doesn’t give you a choice to absorb these fees into the total cost of your tickets, so your customers are stuck paying them and also seeing them on their receipt.

Pricing-wise, Brown Paper Tickets is higher than Eventbrite:

$0.99 + 3.5% of the ticket price

For a full break-down of BPT’s pricing click here.

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Image via thethreesisters

Online Ticketing System Features

Brown Paper Tickets offers a variety of important features to event organizers at no additional cost. This includes features such as 24/7 customer service support (in English, French or Spanish), real-time sales statistic access, assigned seating (although once the lay-out has been approved there is a $50 fee to make any additional changes), social media integration, and mobile ticketing options.

It should be noted that Brown Paper Tickets does not offer a solution that would work well for community or high school theaters wishing to offer season ticket packages.

Overall Ease of Use

Brown Paper Tickets is all about keeping it simple – event organizers simply need to set up and customize their event page, publish it, and then start selling tickets.

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Complete Customer Experience

We invite you to take a look at the customer reviews over at Capterra.

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