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Online Ticketing Systems: What to Consider When Considering Eventbrite

Online Ticketing Systems: What to Consider When Considering Eventbrite

Choosing the right online ticketing system solution for your community theater, high school, or dinner theater organization is a finicky process. You need to find the right fit: total cost, features offered, ease of use and the experience that it will provide for both you and your customers. This is, as one would expect, a lot to consider.

CC Image by Ethan Lofton
CC Image by Ethan Lofton

There are a number of ticketing software options to help you provide the best possible box office experience to your customers. With that in mind, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on a few different ticketing software systems. Up first is the web-based system, Eventbrite.


Online Ticketing System Cost

In our minds, this is a key factor in determining the right ticketing software system for your company.

Eventbrite allows you the flexibility to pass all or some of the service fees on to your customer, or for your organization to absorb the cost of these fees in the total ticket price. Whether you opt for the “all in” approach or decide to pass on the service fee charges to your customers, it’s important to consider the overall impact that this can have on your ticket sales and on your customers’ overall opinion of your organization.

CC Image by Tax Credits
CC Image by Tax Credits

There are a few different payment structures to look at when considering the cost of Eventbrite:

1)    Free Events

Using Eventbrite is completely free when your tickets are available at no cost. There are no monthly charges, enrolment costs, set-up fees, service fees or processing fees. Furthermore, you will have access to all of the of regular analytical and promotional tools, box office features and 24/7 customer support that paying event organizers use.

2)    Government-Recognized Non-Profits

Government-recognized non-profits can apply for lower event fees. According to the Eventbrite FAQ, charitable organizations receive a discounted service fee:

2% of the Ticket Price + $0.99 per ticket; Service Fee Cap of $7.95 per Ticket.

The payment processing fees vary depending on which currency you are accepting payments in. Refer to this chart for more information. There is no payment processing fee discount.

3)    All Other Events

For regular paid ticketed events the cost per ticket looks like this:

2.5% of the Ticket Price + $0.99 per Ticket; Service Fee Cap of $9.95 per Ticket

Processing fees occur at their regular rates (see the chart link above).

Online Ticketing System Features

While initially used for general admission only, Eventbrite now offers reserved seating and flexible tiered ticket pricing options. The software allows the event organizers to determine a focal point and have ticket-buyers automatically assigned to the ‘best available’ seats.

There are also a number of other features available to Eventbrite users: analytical and promotional tools, social media integration and 24/7 customer support.

Overall Ease of Use

Eventbrite appears to be pretty easy ticketing software to use. The event organizers simply need to set up and publish their event page, and (finally) advertise their ticket sales.

It’s important to note that for theater organizations wishing to offer season tickets, Eventbrite is not going to be a good fit because it doesn’t offer a way to structure multiple event payment.

CC Image by Juliana Coutinho
CC Image by Juliana Coutinho

Complete Customer Experience

We invite you to take a closer look at the customer reviews over on Capterra.

Naturally, we think that you should consider our online ticketing software option, TicketPeak. We’re a little biased, but we also truly believe that our system stands up to our competitors and offers feature-rich software at a very reasonable and cost-effective price-point.

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