Price Type Changes for Reserved Seating - Transcript

Hi there. This is Jannah with TicketPeak, and today we’re going to be adding an additional price type to a seating plan that is being used. So first things first, this is your main dashboard with your events. We’re going to go to Setup and we’re going to go to Seating Plans. And first thing to note, to be able to create price types for seating plans, you need to make sure that your seating plan is marked as finished. So you would need to have a finished seating plan to be able to do this process. So all of my seating plans are completed, so I’m going to go to this seating plan here, my main seating plan, and actually, so I’m going to go to my main seating plan and right click right there and go to Edit Pricing.
And it’s making sure that you know that this pricing that I’m using is being used on these events. So any changes that you make would be changing these prices and these current events. So you’re going to hit Yes. And you’re going to hit Add New. So I’m going to call this At Door Pricing and I’m going to change it to just those right there. So this is my At Door Pricing. And we’re going to Save the Changes. So if you wanted to make any changes to the default pricing, this is what it would change it to, but we just created a new pricing. So that is At Door Pricing. So we’re going to see that it saved successfully.

So to be able to change the pricing on a reserved seating event that you currently have, this is what you do. You would go back to your Events page, you would see whatever event you wanted to change. You would go to Edit Event for All Dates. And then you would scroll down, you see I have reserve seating right now, and then right here where it says Select Pricing, then you would see the new At Door Pricing and you would change it to that. And then you would scroll down or scroll up, there’s a button both sides. And then Event “Spring Musical” was successfully updated. And those are public right now, so we can go to my current link to go take a peak at what the consumer would see on this side. And so if you go to Spring Musical and see dates, you would see that that new pricing is what is selected right there. So that is how to change prices for reserve seating events and how to add additional price types to those events.