Summary of Benefits

online event ticketing system


Get rid of your manual work. Automate your ticketing process so you can focus on what you’re best at.

ticketing platforms for events


TicketPeak is the lowest-cost full-function event ticketing software. You can recover the cost by adding a service fee.

online ticketing service


Choose the settings that suit your branding, ticket pricing approach, seating layout, and communication.

best online event ticketing system


We guide you through the set up to make the best experience possible for your ticket buyers and for you.

Benefit Details

TicketPeak is low-cost event ticketing software that makes it easy for you to set up events quickly. It’s also easy for your patrons to buy tickets, register for your classes, or sign up for auditions.  We’ve also designed it to be fast. You can set up events in minutes, and your customers buy tickets in minutes.

online event ticketing system

Keep Things Organized

Easily keep track of sales for each event, seats remaining available, and check-ins. If you provide classes or workshops, all the information about registrations and ticket sales is in one place.

ticketing platforms for events

Save Money

Systems claiming they’re free just mean you need to add a service fee so your customers pay for it. You can do that with TicketPeak.

Our fee is $0.75 +1.5% per ticket ($0.50 + 1.5% for non-profits). You can also use our integrated credit card processing for $0.29  + 2.9% per ticket.

online ticketing service

Personalize and Customize

You can choose the colors and images of your TicketPeak page. You can choose how to display and sort your events. You can decide whether or not to use flex passes, season vouchers, donation buttons, service fees, or promotion codes. You can select from different ticket layouts. You decide what the email should say that delivers your ticket.

best online event ticketing system

Support for Success

What our clients rave about the most is our exceptional customer service team. Just take a look at what our clients have said about our exceptional customer service here. Our team is personable. We work with you to help you achieve your event-ticketing goals. We are here for you every step of the way and are ready to answer all your questions.

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