Maximize your performing arts revenue by increasing ticket sales and class registrations

Reduce ticketing costs, and streamline operations with one system designed for performing arts. 

Benefits of building a Seating Map for a Theater on TicketPeak
5 Easy Ways to Boost Event Renevue - Download Now for Free

5 Easy Ways to Boost Event Revenue

See Where You’re Leaving Money on the Table and How to Get It Back

Revenue data from 2019 to 2023. How Covid make less sales on the Ticket market.

Increase Revenue 

Whether you’re for-profit or not-for-profit, performing arts revenue growth is good. It means more people are benefiting from your shows, you can pay more people, and you can put on better shows. TicketPeak features tools that are proven to drive revenue and thrill patrons for performing arts organizations. These tools empower you to set higher prices for coveted seats, streamline online class registrations, and seamlessly integrate patron communications. 

As demonstrated in the chart, despite the lingering effects of the Covid downturn on most performing arts organizations, TicketPeak clients have not only rebounded but have soared to nearly 120% of pre-Covid revenue levels. 

Reduce Costs 

You’ll discover that our fees are significantly lower than most alternatives. Or use the system at no cost by allocating a service fee. Interestingly, some of our clients actually recover more than the cost of ticketing by setting the service fee slightly higher than the TicketPeak fee. Patrons still pay less compared to competing systems, making it a win-win for all. 

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Efficiency Through Simplification

Simplify your operations and reduce learning time for your staff by consolidating all your needs into one system. Whether it’s managing tickets, class registrations, auditions, or merchandise, TicketPeak eliminates the need for multiple systems. This is especially beneficial if you have a volunteer staff that experiences frequent turnover. Train them on one system rather than several, saving valuable time and resources. 

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