Promo Codes – Transcript

Hi there. This is Jannah with TicketPeak, and today we’re going to be learning about how to set up promo codes on TicketPeak. So let’s get started. First, we’re in our dashboard, so you’re going to go to setup. Currently, we’re in events. You’re going to go to setup and then promo codes. And then here you’ll see all your promo codes right there. And then you can click add new promo code, and we’re going to give it a name. We can do teacher, and I can do Teach123. And then here I normally recommend using percentage. If you’re trying to comp an entire ticket, it’s easiest to just do the percentage there. If you wanted to give teachers or whoever the promo code is for an amount per ticket off or a flat price, if you wanted to make them have a flat price per ticket, you could do that here and it could make that just like so, whatever you wanted it to be. So I’m going to stick with percentage.

And you can also have conditions, any amount of tickets, a minimum number to qualify, a maximum number for qualified order, or a number of tickets that a customer can buy under the promotion. And those are all optional conditions if you choose to use those. So we just created that one, Teach123 is the name of the code and the promotion name is teacher. And then to apply that code… So that code is ready and available to use for every single event, you just have to make sure that you apply it to an individual event. So for example, you’ll go back to your events page and we’ll click on the spring musical here, and we’ll click edit event. And then we’ll scroll all the way down to step four, assign promotions, and we’ll add another promotion. And then we’ll see that code that we just created right there. And then you can update the promotions for all the dates of that event. And then you’ll hit save changes and you’re all set. That’s how you create a promo code.