Purple Pass Fees

Purple Pass Fees

Continuing our series of price comparisons between TicketPeak and other e-ticketing software systems, let’s have a look at Purple Pass pricing. We’ll consider both ticketing system’s fees and credit card fees.

Ticket Fees

Purple Pass’ fees for ticketing are $0.99 plus 2.5% of the ticket value. TicketPeak’s are $0.75 plus 1.5% of the ticket value (with discounts for not-for-profit companies).

A $30 ticket, for example will cost $1.20 with TicketPeak. The price with Purple Pass will be $1.74, which is $0.54 more. That’s $540 more for every 1,000 tickets you sell.

Credit Card Fees

If you’re using the ticketing company to process credit cards, TicketPeak charges $0.29 plus 2.9%. Purple Pass’ fee for credit card processing is 3% for online purchases.

So, if you include ticket fees AND credit card fees, TicketPeak will charge $2.36. Purple Pass will charge $2.64, or $0.28 more. Even $0.28 per ticket adds up to a large number if you multiply it by the number of tickets you sell every year.

Other Factors

Purple Pass also sells wristbands and ticket stock. TicketPeak does not. Purple Pass also rents ticketing equipment.


TicketPeak’s e-ticketing software costs less, but the company does not provide hard goods like ticket stock and wristbands.



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