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    Event/Item Date Time
    We Happy FewThu, 10 Nov 20167:00pm
    We Happy FewFri, 11 Nov 20167:00pm
    We Happy FewSat, 12 Nov 20167:00pm
    We Happy FewSun, 13 Nov 20162:00pm
    HAMLETWed, 01 Mar 20177:00pm
    HAMLETThu, 02 Mar 20177:00pm
    HAMLETFri, 03 Mar 20177:00pm
    HAMLETSat, 04 Mar 20177:00pm
    HAMLETWed, 08 Mar 20177:00pm
    HAMLETThu, 09 Mar 20177:00pm
    HAMLETFri, 10 Mar 20177:00pm
    HAMLETSat, 11 Mar 20177:00pm
    WEST SIDE STORYWed, 17 May 20177:00pm
    WEST SIDE STORYThu, 18 May 20177:00pm
    WEST SIDE STORYFri, 19 May 20177:00pm
    WEST SIDE STORYSat, 20 May 20177:00pm
    WEST SIDE STORYSun, 21 May 20172:00pm
    I HATE HAMLETThu, 01 Jun 20177:00pm
    I HATE HAMLETFri, 02 Jun 20177:00pm
    I HATE HAMLETSat, 03 Jun 20177:00pm
    Test Event (Do Not Buy)Thu, 30 Nov 20177:00pm
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