Resend Ticket Emails - Transcript

Hey folks, Louis from TicketPeak. Here is how you resend the ticket email. If you have a customer who says they didn’t get their email, here’s how you can resend it. So let’s say the customer bought tickets for Matilda for Wednesday, October 11th. What you can do is go into the event report, find that customer. I don’t know, let’s say it’s Frank Morhan. If it doesn’t come up, you can type in the person’s name up here and choose that person.

Then scroll to the end of the row, click email, and then you’ve got two options. You can resend the email and that’s all you have to do. Or if the person entered the wrong email address when they bought the tickets, you can click edit email. So change that email address, click update and resend, and that sends the email again.