Resend Ticket Emails – Transcript

Hey, this is Jannah with TicketPeak, and today we’re going to be learning a basic setup about seating plans. Let’s get started. You can find on your main dashboard, you’re going to go to, “Setup,” and then write your seating plans. We’re going to create a new seating plan. A few basic things, we can just give it a name. I’m going to call it, “2024 seating plan.” You can choose what size you want them to be. Smaller, larger, we’ll stick with 10 for now. Right here it would have a general admission box if I were to create that in this section but let’s change it to, “Reserve.” For the purposes of today’s video, we’re going to create three different sections. It’ll have left, center, and right just like in, a regular theater would show.

Let’s call it, “Center,” and we’ll leave letters and rows on the seats just for demonstration purposes. Let’s say we have 10 rows and 10 seats per row. Let’s add that and see what it looks like. You see right here, this is your section that you just created. If you’d like to, you can remove the different labels. Say you wanted to remove the numbers, for example, you could just do that, just like that, if you wanted to leave those. And then here are a couple of your different controls. If you wanted to move it this way, vertical or horizontal, you could do that right there. If you wanted to give a little bit more space in between the seats, you could do that. Space between the rows. If you have a theater that has some curvature to it, you could do that. You could go ahead and do it this way or this way.

For alignment, we can center it up. That is the first section that we created. Let’s go ahead and create a secondary section. Next, since some theaters have the same amount of seats on each side, we can just for this purpose, create a left section. And it would have 10 and 10, and then you see it would be right there, so we could move it any way we wanted to. Let’s move it over a bit. And also let’s make our canvas a little bit bigger. That’ll help us out some. You would just input however big you would want it to be, and see, it gave us a little bit more space there, so we have some more room to play with.

For example, when we were talking about the skews, so maybe we could do this and move it up a little bit, so it has some curvature there like that. Perfect. If you wanted to match it, for example, remember the buttons for removing the numbers are right here down in, “Labels.” We can put a little space just like that. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and create one more section, and then I will move on to showing you a few different features. Okay, so we have our sections right here, we have left, center, right. And now if we wanted to create a non-seating object, for example, this could be the sound booth or the stage, we can go ahead and do that. It’s right here, and you could, if you wanted to, make it a little bit larger and move it around as you see fit.

I’m also going to make my canvas a little bit smaller. I think I made it a little too big. Perfect. Okay. We can go ahead and click off of that. The controls show up when the box is highlighted, so we’re going to un-click it and we can also add text. Let’s say, “Stage,” and we can make it a little bit darker maybe. You’ll see that text show up there and we can throw that right there. Perfect, this looks great. Right now we were in our layout section. Let’s go into, “Edit seats and pricing.” Now what you would do is you can highlight, let’s say all of the seats are the same. We would highlight all of them, so I clicked and scrolled. Now, let’s create the pricing for it.

We can choose the color. If you have your company’s colors, for example, you could do it like that. Let’s say, “Reserved seating,” and let’s do just $2 for these purposes for demonstration. These seats, if they wanted to, they could have different names. I could make all of the sections in this row, I could make them a different color. And so let’s do that. Let’s call these, “Center.” We’re going to make them a different color. Let’s do a red color, for example. Sometimes it’ll give you the error like, “Hey, it doesn’t look that great,” but if you have your company’s colors, that’s fine. We can just use them for this purpose, for these seats. Right here, so we have them named, “Center,” and then the price. We’re going to select a price, let’s do, let’s just do $4. This was that other color we created, so the red color, very striking.

You could set a border color if you’d like to, so you see right there. The center is, those would be $4. And then these other are this color and this pinkish color, and that’s reserved seating for $2. That’s a little bit about the basic seating plan. Let’s go over a couple things. First, you can always save your seating plan. Let’s save and exit, and remember, it’s called, “2024 seating plan.” Great. It popped up right there and see how these others, they have been marked as finished. Let me go back and edit and show you what that means. When you save a seat and mark it as, “Finished,” you cannot go back and edit it.

But say I did this and then I realized, “Oh shoot, I wanted it to be a different color,” or something like that, you could always go ahead and duplicate it. That’s kind of the best way I find to fix that. Let’s go ahead. A little bit earlier, I didn’t add the left and right sections. I didn’t choose their color there, so I had to go back and do that. I got a little error message popup, so let’s try again. Let’s save and mark as, “Finished.” It gives you something that says, “You won’t be able to modify it. Are you sure you want to proceed?” It’s saving my work, and it was marked as, “Finished.” Now, we can go ahead and use this seating plan for future events. Let’s try it out.

We’re going to create a new event and we’ll just call it, “2024 seating.” We can scroll down, let’s just go ahead and pick something just to see, make it for this Friday. We can choose, “Reserve seating,” right here on step two. And then now we can choose our seating plans. Remember it was called, “2044 seating plan,” and the default pricing there, which would be $2 and $4. It looks great. Now it’s all set up, and let’s go ahead and save this. We got to make a start time. If you ever find yourself where you forget a step, a lot of times the system won’t allow you to move on anyway, so that’s good. It’s good to be reminded when you have to do a vital step. 2024 seating right there, and let’s click, “Get tickets,” and see what it looks like. Ah, it looks great. You could click on this and you would see it’s $4, or you would see that these are $2. That is how you create a seating plan on TicketPeak.