Selecting a Ticketing System for High School Theater

High schools tend to have their own set of requirements for event ticketing. An event ticketing software for high school musicals needs to support the following requirements.

Choice of Reserved Seating or General Admission

We were founded in 2008 by musical theatre folks who wanted a lower cost, fully functional event ticketing system. Since then, other industries including sports teams, dinner theaters, and performing arts organizations have begun using TicketPeak.

Code for Teachers

Many of our high school clients provide one free ticket to each teacher. Therefore, they like to provide a code to the teachers that enables them to redeem their complimentary tickets. They also would like the code to be restricted to one use per buyer. Because of this, high school event ticketing systems needs to be able to provide a code and restrict its usage.

Ticketing System for High School Theater

Daily Report

A high school musical ticketing system needs to be able to provide a report which summarizes the day’s activities. The report should identify the amounts collect in check, cash, and credit. High schools usually have rules and procedures to confirm that the cash deposits match the cash collected according to the ticketing system report. Same for checks. Same for credit cards.

Sales Users

High schools often have students or parents sell the tickets. Therefore, the ticketing system needs the ability to have different levels of privilege for each user. Students and parents should have the ability to sell tickets but not to create new events or edit events.

Free Training

Many of our high school clients have new users every year. New teachers or parents take over responsibility for setting up and managing events in the ticketing system. That new staff usually needs some training for the advanced features. It is best for the high school if their ticketing system vendor provides that training for free.

Easy for Volunteers

Ideally, little training should actually be required. High schools often employ plenty of volunteers. Scheduling training for them is sometimes not realistic, given the turnover. The basic features in the ticketing system used by the high school should be easy enough to use without training.

TicketPeak meets these high school requirements for ticketing. Perhaps that’s why nine times out of ten, when a high school considers us for ticketing, they decide to use TicketPeak.

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