Selecting a Ticketing System for Musical Theatre Organizations

Musical theatre organizations tend to have a unique set of needs when it comes to selecting a ticket sales software. Because of that, most ticketing systems will not meet their needs. Let’s review those needs.

Reserved Seating

First, most musical theatre companies require their ticket sales software to have a reserved seating feature. Audience members tend to like the opportunity to select better seats, even when the cost of those seats are higher. Reserved seating also results in more ticket revenue for the musical theatre organization, as discussed in this blog post.

Pricing Sections

Along with reserved seating, musical theatre organizations usually need to give different prices to different sections of the venue. We usually recommend two pricing sections for a venue with fewer than 300 seats, three for a venue of 300 – 800 seats, and four when you get beyond 800 seats. Again, ticket buyers appreciate the opportunity to select, and it drives revenue for you.

Any ticket sales software for musical theatre needs to handle multiple pricing sections.

Ticketing System for Musical Theatre Organizations

Different Price Points

Similar to needing pricing sections, a musical theatre ticketing system needs to be able to handle different price points for each seat. Regardless of which section a seat is in, you may want to give it different price points. For example, you may have prices for Adults, Children, Seniors, Military, etc.

TicketPeak enables you to have any number of prices for each seat.

Ticketing Software for Musical Theatre Organizations

Flex Passes

It is rare for a musical theatre organization to not offer Flex Passes or Season Tickets. We’ve seen three main types of Flex Passes required.

The first type allows the flex pass holder to have one ticket to each eligible event. If you put on six shows per year, for example, and you have multiple dates of each show, this type allows the patron to one ticket for each of the shows, and not more than one date of any one show.

The second type allows for some finite number of all the eligible shows. For example, a “four-show” flex pass would enable the holder to see four of the six shows. But they would not be allowed to buy four tickets to just one of the shows.

The third type is complete flexibility. The musical theatre organization sets a number for the flex pass, and the holder can purchase that number of tickets however they want. For example, if the number is four, they could buy four tickets to one date, of one show, if they wanted.

Season Tickets

It is also rare for a musical theatre company to not offer season tickets. Season tickets are usually in the form of one ticket to each event. They differ from flex passes in that the tickets are specified and delivered. With flex passes, on the other hand, the patron can decide later how to use them.

A ticketing system for musical theatre companies must have full capability for flex passes and season tickets.

Class and Audition Registration

Finally, many musical theatre organizations put on classes or workshops. How nice it would be to use one system for both ticketing and class registration. The same applies to auditions. A ticketing system designed for musical theatre would support that.

TicketPeak was designed from the ground up specifically for musical theatre. We support all of the above requirements.

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