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Sell Tickets for Dinner Theatre Shows

Sell Tickets for Dinner Theatre Shows

If you sell tickets for dinner theatre shows, chances are you have some ticketing requirements not available in most online ticketing systems.  While you share standard requirements like needing to easily sell tickets for specific shows on specific dates, you also may have requirements unique to dinner shows:

  • ability for a guest to choose their table when buying a ticket
  • ability to price tables closer to the stage higher than other tables
  • ability to occasionally add an extra seat or two to a table
  • ability for guests to select their meals when buying the ticket

TicketPeak now has these capabilities. You can let your guests select the table at which they wish to sit.

sample dinner layout

Tickets can be different prices for different tables.  You can even change the number of seats at a table on the fly, if a party wishes to squeeze in an extra person or two.

Another feature useful when selling tickets to dinner theatre shows is the ability to have your customers let you know what meal they are likely to order:

dinner theatre order screen

Do you sell tickets to dinner theatre shows? What are your special ticketing requirements? We’d love to hear your views in the comments below.


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