Service Fees - Transcript

Hi there, this is Jannah with TicketPeak. Today we’re going to be learning about how to set up service fees for your events. So let’s get started. If you’ll go to set up and service fees right here, you can go ahead and add a new service fee. We can give it a name, you could call it credit card fee, cash fee, TicketPeak fee, whatever you’d like. I can just do general fee. And then you can also choose if you wanted it to be a flat rate per ticket, like a dollar amount, a percentage on the ticket, a percentage of the total, a flat rate percentage per ticket. You have a lot of different options right here, but say I just wanted to incorporate a $2 service fee. So we could do a flat rate right there of $2, and then I want to apply that to all different order types.

So you could, if you wanted to have a service fee applied to just credit card orders, you could do that by selecting box office credit and online orders. But if, for example, you want to apply it to all of your orders, you could select all of these boxes right here and you’ll hit save. And again, that was called general fee. So now, similar to promo codes, you’re going to have to go ahead in every additional event you create or past events, you’ll want to make sure that service fee is applied to those events. So you’ll go back to your events page and select edit event, and then you’ll scroll all the way down to step five, and you can update the service fees for all of the events. And you can add another service fee and it’ll be right there, general fee, the one that we had just made. And then you’ll hit save changes there. And that’s on how to create service fees on TicketPeak.